We're committed to providing educators and training professionals the very
best classroom technologies to involve, engage and motivate learners of all ages.

We'll educate you on the most effective ways to implement interactive technologies based on research-based educational strategies that impact student learning.

Our service and support
keeps our customers coming back for future purchases. As educators ourselves, we know it is important that technology works and works well.

Our Handpicked Solutions

At Engaging Technologies, our passion is obvious.

We're a company started FOR teachers BY teachers that is committed to revolutionizing teaching and learning.

After leaving our own classrooms and visiting classrooms across the Midwest for the last thirteen years, our passion and knowledge base has only continued to grow as we have seen the results of our technologies in the hands of passionate educators and learned from them as well.

Not only do we offer hand-picked engaging technologies, but more importantly we teach educators how to combine those technologies with effective teaching strategies to engage, involve, and motivate.

Our commitment to the effective implementation of our technologies make us different than companies that just want to sell you as many boxes as possible.  We're in this business to create a positive change in the classroom.