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"I am not overstating anything when I say these are the most powerful pedagogical tool I have seen in 40 years of teaching. NO kid can remain passive. They must participate (anonymously to their peers but not to me) and I should take a picture of the kids' faces when we are going over the questions and they are participating and competing!"

-- Gary Schlapfer, former science teacher
Elkhorn, NE

"I had a difficult student come into class one day after we had started using the clickers and ask if we got to play the game that day. I reply "You mean take our test using the clickers?" Yeah! That one! ...Well, yes you can take your test today."

-- Wade, teacher
Osawatomie, KS


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Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Get a jumpstart on finding the best interactive whiteboard activities to engage and motivate your students here. The best activities are those that don't tie you to a certain brand of whiteboard, and we've included some of our favorites here. It would be near impossible for this to be an all-inclusive list, but we've tried to provide some productive links to get you started on your hunt for the best interactive whiteboard activities.

Use your imagination when considering interactive whiteboard activities and how they can apply to your lesson...focus learners, introduce a topic, take a brain break, test knowledge, or provide learners with current information on an old topic!

If you are a clicker user, you may also find that many of these activities are conducive to clicker use, and we have provided even more clicker links on our clicker activities page.

Online Communities

    Mimio Connect logo MimioConnect is an invaluable resource if you are implementing the MimioTeach or MimioStudio software. This online community full of avid Mimio educators is a great starting point to download some already-created lessons by those with maybe a little more experience than yourself. It's fun just to browse the lessons and see what sort of activities other teachers have created. In addition, you'll find questions answered by Mimio Masters and lots of free downloadable content packs to add to your Mimio Gallery for free! When you get up to speed on creating lessons, pay it forward and share your own with the rest of the world on MimioConnect.

    eI Community logo eInstruction's eI Community provides a resource for educators to check out blogs and participate in discussion boards to find out the latest educational "buzz," as well as to share their high-quality resources. Resources are searchable and contain a variety of file types, including CPS Databases, ExamView banks, content bundles, images and PDFs, Adobe Flash objects, Microsoft Office documents, text files, video, and audio. This is not only a great resource to get resources, but a fantastic venue to share your own!

Starting Points for Interactive Whiteboard Activities

  1. - search by grade level
  2. Teachers' Domain - over 400 interactive whiteboard activities
  3. Amphitheater Public Schools - IWB Resources -grades 6-12
  4. Free Interwrite IWB Lessons and Activities
  5. General IWB Resources
  6. Teacher Resource Exchange - search the Whiteboard Activities category
  7. The Whiteboard Room - IWB activities by subject
  8. Westside Whiteboard Links
  9. Bellevue Public Schools K-6 Web Activities - web resources for grades K-6
  10. Crickweb - educational interactive resources for ages 4-11
  11. Edheads - quality, more so than quantity, interactive activities
  12. - Just pull these up on your board and write away!
  13. ExploreLearning - subscription site for fantastic math & science simulations
  14. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - fantastic math manipulatives
  15. Olathe School District Technology Links for Teachers - by subject area
  16. Olathe School District Web Resources for grades K-6 - by grade level
  17. Starfall - great activities for lower elementary
  18. 56 Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard

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