Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Utilizing interactive whiteboard activities and incorporating interactive whiteboards into your routine may push you out of your comfort zone (or your rut as you might start realizing), but we encourage you to lose sight of the shore so that you can discover new territory.

As with any technology, the whiteboard is not a magic bullet. The teacher who implements interactive whiteboard technology effectively is the one that will see gains in student engagement and learning.

However, if not implemented correctly, interactive whiteboards can easily become no more than expensive dry erase boards.

Whether you've recently joined the ranks of new interactive whiteboard users or if your interactive whiteboard is gathering dust on the wall, we hope that you will find the ideas below useful for broadening your technology repertoire and become a master at engaging students with your interactive whiteboard.

Teaching With An Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboard Housekeeping

  • Let students take their own lunch count.
  • Easily divide into groups
  • Provide makeup-work or missed materials with recorded lessons and/or notes
  • Use your interactive whiteboard for bell work
  • Make a visible timer for classwork or group time

Creating Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Your Interactive Whiteboard with Other Technologies

  • Use your IWB with your classroom clickers
  • Use your IWB with your document camera
  • Use your IWB with your smartpen

Varying the Classroom Routine

Finding Interactive Whiteboard Activities

The best activities are those that don't tie you to a certain brand of whiteboard, and we've included some of our favorites here. It would be near impossible for this to be an all-inclusive list, but we've tried to provide some productive links to get you started on your hunt for the best interactive whiteboard activities to include in your own lessons.

Use your imagination when considering interactive whiteboard activities and how they can apply to your lesson...focus learners, introduce a topic, take a brain break, test knowledge, or provide learners with current information on an old topic!

Online Communities

Mimio's online community, MimioConnect, is an invaluable resource if you are implementing MimioStudio software. This online community full of avid Mimio educators is a great starting point to download some already-created lessons by those with maybe a little more experience than yourself. It's fun just to browse the lessons and see what sort of activities other teachers have created. In addition, you'll find questions answered by Mimio Masters and lots of free downloadable content packs to add to your Mimio Gallery for free! When you get up to speed on creating lessons, pay it forward and share your own with the rest of the world on MimioConnect.

Starting Points for Interactive Whiteboard Resources

  1. PBS Learning Media - search by grade level

  2. Crickweb - educational interactive resources for ages 4-11

  3. - Just pull these up on your board and write away!

  4. ExploreLearning - subscription site for fantastic math & science simulations

  5. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - fantastic math manipulatives

  6. Starfall - great activities for lower elementary

  7. 56 Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard