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"The Livescribe pen is AWESOME!! I have it now embedded into Moodle and the students love it!"

-- Beth Ardissono, math teacher
Bruning-Davenport Middle School, NE

"In my 20+ years of teaching, I have had nothing that has actually changed how I teach my students more than pencasting."

-- Janice Crowley, chemistry teacher
Wichita Collegiate School, KS

"I am so motivated, excited and encouraged to continue to use my pen in the classroom! I love this technology."

-- Polly Pearson, math teacher
Holdrege High School, NE


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Smartpen Research & News

Livescribe smartpen taking notesThe Livescribe smartpen is changing the concept of a pen and paper for all of us and in doing so has created quite a buzz.

We've listed our favorite smartpen research, news articles, and blog posts below. Many of these research and news articles contain great ideas for implementing Livescribe smartpens in your own school or business.

If you have good Livescribe studies you would be willing to share, please contact us and we will post it for everyone's benefit.

Smartpen Research

  1. Enhancing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Instruction Through In-Class Pencasting Using the Livescribe Smartpen
    by Andrew Van Schaack

    This whitepaper explains the benefits of providing lessons to students in the form of pencasts which are able to deliver information as animated writing with voice explanations. It links to five case studies involving science, math, and world language teachers who currently use pencasts to extend and flip classroom instruction and learning.

  2. Computerized pen boosts confidence for students with learning disabilities
    by UC Berkeley Disabled Students Program

    This study followed the use of smartpens for note taking by 40 college students with various disabilities. It found that smartpens reduced classroom anxiety for many students and that the benefits of using smartpens depended greatly on the details of the learning disability.

  3. A Comparison of Information Access Rates Between the Apple iPod and the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen
    by Andrew Van Schaack

    The purpose of this smartpen research study completed at Vanderbilt University was to compare the rates of information access in an audio recording of a university-level lecture between the Apple iPod and the Livescribe Pulse smartpen, and to determine which technology students preferred for this task. For a more in-depth look at student comments, etc., view a presentation of this study here.

  4. Livescribe in K-12 Education: Research Support
    by Andrew Van Schaack

    This paper reviews the scientific evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of smartpen technologies for improving teaching and student learning.

  5. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Livescribe Smartpen Pilot Program - Winter and Spring Quarters 2008-09
    by Susan Ackerman and Mina Suchak

    RIT’s Disability Services conducted a pilot program to evaluate the use of the Pulse Livescribe Smartpens with students registered with their office who were either currently receiving the accommodation of note-taking or who had expressed a desire for a tool to help with their note-taking. Participants in the study were happy with the Livescribe Smartpen. The majority of participants decided to continue using a smartpen in place of a note-taker. The one student who did not wish to continue using the smartpen without a back-up note-taker stated that he wanted to use both the smartpen and a note-taker.

  6. Cognitive effort during Note Taking
    by A. Piolat, T. Olive, and R.T. Kellogg

    This often cited article shares smartpen research and a graph that shows that the cognitive effort required for note taking is greater than playing chess at both the novice and expert level.

News Articles & Blog Posts

arrowFEATURED ARTICLE: The Pen That Never Forgets
The New York Times - September 2010

arrowFEATURED ARTICLE: How Handwriting Trains the Brain
The Wall Street Journal - October 2010

NEW:Teachers say smartpens contributing to smarter kids - Nov 2011

NEW:The Pen That's Smarter Than the...Pen
T.H.E. Journal - Nov 2011

NEW: Livescribe Pencast App for the Echo and Pulse Pen
OT’s with Apps - Oct 2011

NEW: Assistive Technology: Write Answers
Education Week PD Sourcebook - Oct 2011

NEW: Sound Stamp App for the Echo Pen
AT 4 Education Blog - Oct 2011

NEW: Livescribe Pen – the SmartPen revolution
Equity and Education – Assistive Technology in the Classroom - Oct 2011

Livescribe offers one free year of Evernote Premium
Stratepedia Blog – Sep 2011

Livescribe Connect Now Supports Content Sharing With Microsoft OneNote, Google Sites
Tech Crunch - Aug 2011

Livescribe Releases Sound Stickers App
Assistive Technology - Jun 2011

Dyslexia Help: The 5 Most Common Accommodations for Dyslexia
Dyslexic Advantage - Apr 2011

Reluctant writers clamor for digital storytelling
Newport News - February 2011

A New, Smarter Pen
Minot Daily News - December 2010

First SmartBoards; now, a Smartpen
Staten Island North Shore - October 2010

Product Review: Livescribe Echo Smartpen
Tech & Learning - October 2010

Livescribe Echo Smartpen Lets You Do Almost Everything - October 2010

Livescribe Use Models in Special Education
ZDNet - August 2010

Livescribe: Fixing Note Taking Once and For All
ZDNet - August 2010

Livescribe Echo: No Country for Old Pens
Bloomberg Business Week - August 2010

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen - the iPhone of writing
The Caledonian Mercury - February 2010

Podcast 37: LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen-Conversation with Karen Lee, Marketing Manager
MobileViews Blog - - October 2009

The Digital Down Low: The Livescribe Pen - My Initial Thoughts
The Digital Down Low - - October 2009

Mini-Podcast 14: Recording a Telephone Conversation Using a LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen
MobileViews Blog - - October 2009

Opening new portals for the blind - July 2008

Smart Pens Help Blind See
Science Daily - May 2008

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