Administrators’ Days: 5 Reasons to Come See Us While You’re There!


We’re kicking off the new school year with a stop at Administrators’ Days in Kearney, Nebraska this week (July 30 and 31st, to be exact), and we’ve come up with 5 Reasons to come by and visit with Engaging Technologies at the 2014 Administrators’ Days.

  1. See the new MimioDisplay touch display in person! This display makes installation easy, with no need for separate projectors, speakers, or dry erase boards.
  2. Meet one of our new ET Team Members, Mike Tosh.
  3. Network and learn strategies that are working for others.  Attending a conference to start off your year also helps you to regain your focus and improve your productivity.
  4. See for yourself just how amazing the display is on the award-winning HoverCam Solo 8 document camera!
  5. Experience quick assessment results with GradeCam and find out how your staff can participate in a 60-day free pilot!