BenQ Interactive Flat Panels with MimioStudio Are a Winning Combination

benq interactive flat panels with mimiostudio

We recently paired BenQ interactive flat panels with MimioStudio software in kindergarten and first grade classrooms in Johnson County Central Public Schools, and it’s a winning combination! Many interactive flat panels have some software built in that provides its own benefits. Adding MimioStudio with the interactive panel software allows teachers to do even more with lesson creation, but still provides a brilliant touch display.

One Teacher’s Motivating Idea

While working with their teachers to get them up and running, one teacher shared a great idea for motivating students with the flat panel.  Each of the teachers’ students work problems on their individual dry erase lapboards. Students that “win” the first round on their dry erase lap boards (whatever that may look like to the teacher) get to work the next round of problems on the flat panel.  With the ability to divide the flat panel screen into four quadrants, four students are able to work at the flat panel. We love this idea! While it may seem simple, it is a great example of motivating students with technology.

Start the Flat Panel Conversation

We currently offer a varied selection of flat panels – including not only BenQ interactive flat panels, but also flat panels from Clear Touch Interactive and Boxlight-Mimio. We are always happy to meet with you to go over interactive options, whether is it is an interactive projector or one of the BenQ interactive flat panels shown in the video below. There are a lot of different options that depend both on your classroom environment, as well as your budget.

Get in touch with us to start the flat panel conversation and schedule a demo for your school today!