Is Your Chalk Tray Wreaking Havoc with Your MimioProjector Touch Projector?

mimio touchprojector chalk tray

Dustin happened upon a little idiosyncrasy last week as he was visiting schools with some newly installed MimioProjector Touch Projectors and it turns out the little thing that was causing big problems was the dry erase board chalk tray.

Users noticed that the mouse was acting erratically and would often get stuck at the bottom of the screen, where it would click intermittently. While it appeared to be flashing harmlessly in the corner over program icons, it would be opening multiple program windows instantaneously.

The Fix

The MimoProjector Touch Projector needs two things, a flat surface being the first. Secondly, we recommend approximately a 2″ border between the bottom of the projected image and a dry erase chalk tray (if one is present). In this case, the flat surface wasn’t the problem, but the chalk tray was.  If a large enough border is not present, the laser curtain will reflect off the chalk tray and cause these erratic mouse issues.

Thankfully, in this case there was an easy fix, which was to simply change the aspect ratio of the projector to a wide-screen format such as 16:9 or 16:10. In this case, changing the projector aspect ratio to 16:9, creating a wider image, did the trick.



Mouse acting erratically with the MimioProjector Touch Projector.


Change the aspect ration of the projector to a widescreen format, possibly 16:9 or 16:10 to create an approximately 2″ border between the bottom of the projected image and the dry erase board chalk tray.