Compare HoverCam Solo 8 to the Competition

HoverCam Solo 8 document cameraHoverCam recently posted new videos to help you compare HoverCam Solo 8 to the competition!  Unless you have the different doc cam models right there in front of you, there is simply no better way to see the difference between document cameras than these comparison videos.

These videos compare the HoverCam Solo 8 vs the Elmo TT-12i, the Epson DC-10, and the Lumens Ladibug DC162 and really allow you to see stark differences between cameras.

We recommend your document camera be connected via USB for several reasons:

  1. If you are using your document camera with an interactive whiteboard like the MimioTeach (which we hope you are!), connecting via USB allows you to show live video in your interactive whiteboard software. In addition, you’ll be able to use all of the annotating and other interactive whiteboard tools over the top of your images. Read more from HoverCam on why interactive whiteboards and document cameras should work together.
  2. USB is required if you are planning on using your document camera as a webcam for distance learning or virtual field trips (which is a fantastic way to implement your document camera in the classroom!).
  3. Recording video directly to a computer over USB is easier to share than recording to an SD card. Because it records directly to your computer, you are able to eliminate the step of transferring the video from the SD card to your computer, and you are also limited to size only by the amount of storage on your computer hard drive.

In these videos, HoverCam is a clear winner for recording and displaying video over USB. In addition, the patent-pending ASR zoom that the HoverCam Solo 8 incorporates achieves the quality of optical zoom at less cost and size.

Click the Playlist button in the upper left-hand corner to see a list of all videos in the playlist and choose which individual video you would like to watch first.

We are confident that this is one of highest quality document cameras you can buy for your classroom and at a much cheaper price than many doc cams of inferior quality.

Contact us for questions regarding the HoverCam Solo 8 in your classroom or to set up a free 30-day trial to try it out for yourself!