DEAR ET: Create Quick Sound Files For Mimio Lessons

DEAR ET: Create Quick Sound Files For Mimio Lessons

We recently received the following question on how to create quick sound files for Mimio lessons.

I downloaded an .ink file from MimioConnect that is used for word recognition, so it has audio recordings of words being pronounced. When I click the audio image, the following error message pops up: “Missing codec for multimedia type ‘wma.’ Cannot play multimedia clip.” I realize “wma” is Windows Media Audio, which we don’t have because we are using Mac computers.

Is there any way we can try to open the audio file with a different program? If not, is there a way to record the audio ourselves within notebook and add them to our file?

-Soundless in Kansas


While you can download other audio player software to play those audio files on your Mac, it is probably easiest to create brand new sound files to import into your lesson. MimioStudio does contain a Recorder, which allows you to record your screen (audio and video) into a .AVI movie file. This is great for capturing and sharing lessons. However, MimioStudio doesn’t contain a way to record ONLY an audio file.

We would highly recommend using QuickTime, which comes pre-installed on your Mac, to record your new sound files.  QuickTime makes it so easy to quickly create sound files for Mimio lessons! In fact, you’ll probably have the new clips made in the same amount of time it would take you to find and download a new player for the .wma files.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to record quick voice snippets with QuickTime and insert them into your MimioStudio lesson.



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