Are You Incorporating Technology Into Your Early Childhood Education Program?

We were so happy to read the blog post last week by Mimio,  Harmony Early Childhood Center Proves It: Technology Benefits Students – No Matter What Age, recognizing Harmony Early Childhood Center in Olathe, Kansas, as well as teachers Kim Buenger and Paige Moran and the amazing things they have done with MimioMobile.

You might remember that ET Team Member Linda Peters wrote a blog post entitled, How Low Can You Go With MimioMobile?, about the fantastic things these teachers were doing in their early childhood classrooms.

The work these ladies have done with their kiddos has definitely inspired us and shown us that we can’t underestimate our students, no matter what age, and their ability to engage with technology.

You might be an early childhood educator that isn’t quite sure where to start when it comes to implementing technology in your program, and we want you to know that we’re here to help.

Do you need help implementing technology in early childhood education?

1. Check out our webpage about using technology in early childhood education.

Our webpage on technology in early childhood education will give you some ideas of how technology can be incorporated, some good guidelines to follow, and includes an awesome video showing technology in action in some Kansas and Nebraska early childhood education environments.

We’ve embedded the video below just because we like watching these cuties in action!

2. Get in touch with our early childhood education specialist.

We are fortunate to have a former preschool teacher on our ET Team, Jen Maher. Jen’s passion for technology in early childhood education is infectious, and she can’t wait to discuss how your early education curriculum can be enriched with technology like MimioMobile, the MimioTeach, document cameras, and Livescribe smartpens.

Contact us at (800) 705-4049 x509 to discuss your curriculum, space, and budget to suggest some solutions that can enrich your learning environment.  If you’re in Omaha or the surrounding area, Jen will gladly stop in and check out your space in person!

3. Browse our early childhood education Pinterest board.

We’ve pinned some super cool ideas to Pinterest that we think you’ll enjoy and that might provide you a springboard for coming up with your own unique ways to use technology with your kiddos!

We can’t wait for you (and your kiddos) to experience engaging technologies in your early childhood education program.  Step out of your comfort zone and give us a call today!