ESU 5 Tech Fair Coming in June – Don’t Miss Our Breakout Sessions!

ESU 5 will be holding their first annual ESU 5 Tech Fair on June 24th and 25th at Beatrice High School in Beatrice, NE, and we will be there! If you are part of ESU 5, don’t miss out on all the fun!

On June 24th, nationally recognized keynote speaker Tammy Worcester Tang will present effective ways to use technology in the classroom.  Then, on June 25th, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a full day of breakout sessions.

ET Team Member, Dustin Frank, will be there presenting on the 25th on some of our very exciting classroom technology:

Mimio Interactive Whiteboards
Come explore why over 100 schools all across Nebraska have switched from other expensive white board solutions to Mimio. We’ll explore how to convert your dry erase board into an interactive white board without covering it up or losing dry erase board space. Already have an interactive whiteboard installed? Come see how the new MimioStudio software allows the use of SMART/Promethean/PDF and other formatted content to be imported right in and used.

Come join the fun and see how MimioMobile has raised the bar when it comes to sharing content to student devices. There are many programs where students can “view” the presenter content or click in answers to questions, but come see how Mimio takes it to the next level. One Nebraska Superintendent says that MimioMobile is the first solution that actually “immerses” kids in the content and lets them interact, not just view what is being presented. If you’d like to actively participate in this session, please download the MimioMobile App to your device prior to coming.

Tired of grading all that homework? Frustrated with so many quick formative assessments? Do they slip by due to no time to grade them? Everyone agrees that quick formative checks for understanding are incredibly valuable. Come see how GradeCam can help manage those quickly and easily. Feedback is instantly available, whether by building, teacher, student, standard etc. Put grades in your gradebook…. no problem.

Interwrite Interactive Whiteboards
Interactive Whiteboards are one of the most underused technologies in education. Come learn how to make truly interactive content with the Interwrite interactive whiteboard. We will also explore the free Interwrite app that allows you to control your presentations from an iPad.


Both Days: June 24 & 25: $125
One Day: June 24 OR 25: $100

Registration is open now.  REGISTER TODAY!