Using Fixed Aspect Ratio in MimioStudio

fixed aspect ratio in mimiostudio

Using Fixed Aspect Ratio in MimioStudio is important when resizing shape and image objects. To retain an object’s proportion so that height and width stay the same in relation to each other, this attribute must be enabled.

For instance, if we insert the zebra image below into a MimioStudio file and Fixed Aspect Ratio is not enabled on that object, our zebra will be stretched to look more like a giraffe than a zebra! To prevent this, we must make sure that the fixed aspect is enabled before resizing that object.

fixed aspect ratio in mimiotudio

When Would I Want Fixed Aspect Ratio in MimioStudio Disabled?

There will come a time when you see the need to disable Fixed Aspect on an object. This most frequently happens with shapes. For example, to create a mat background or certain sized box, create a rectangle shape, disable Fixed Aspect, and then freely transform the shape of the rectangle to be just the size you require.

Other Considerations for Using Fixed Aspect Ratio

Objects brought into a file by Copy/Paste, Screen Clipping, or the Gallery have Fixed Aspect Ratio enabled (checkmarked) by default. Therefore, you will often find yourself disabling Fixed Aspect Ratio more often than enabling it.

Fixed Aspect Ratio does work on grouped objects, but you will always have to enable (checkmark) Fixed Aspect Ratio on grouped objects.

fixed aspect ratio in mimiostudio

If you’re looking for more MimioStudio how-tos, don’t forget to check out the on-demand video tutorials located on the Boxlight-Mimio website. Follow the navigation path below to get to Video Tutorials.

boxlight-mimio video tutorials

Once you arrive at the On-Demand Video Tutorials page, Fixed Aspect Ratio will be found under Formatting Objects.

fixed aspect ratio video tutorial