Fly Flutterby Project Using Justand Has Us All "Aflutter"

fly flutterby project

This cool Fly Flutterby project using the Justand & iPad has us all aflutter. Yes, that’s right…aflutter.  That would only be appropriate since the project was inspired by the book Far Flutterby by Karen Kingsbury, the story of a struggling caterpillar who comes to realize that the struggle is what gives him wings.

After gaining some valuable lessons on self-esteem and purpose while reading Far Flutterby this week, Mrs. Hotovy’s 2nd grade class at St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Elkhorn, Nebraska unleashed their creativity by designing their own unique butterflies. With the iPad held in place by the Justand tablet stand, students used the Edumotion StopMotion app on their iPad to create a fantastic stop motion movie of their “flying” butterflies!


Fly Flutterby project with the Justand and iPad

Student’s from Mr. Hovotny’s 2nd grade class pose with their iPad/Justand setup that they used for stop motion filming.


Moving butterflies between captures while working on their Fly Flutterby project.

Moving butterflies between captures while working on their Fly Flutterby project.


We love this project idea because it allows students to become “makers.” They were able to express themselves when designing their own butterfly, and using the iPad to create stopmotion animation videos was a great way to involve students in a motivating authentic project.

The Technology: Edumotion StopMotion app, iPad, and a Justand

Using the Edumotion StopMotion app, a series of photos are taken with stationary objects moved slightly between frames (the butterflies, in this case). The Justand simply acts as a stand to hold the iPad completely still while filming, which is especially important when creating stop motion videos. This allows each frame to blend into the other while the background keeps its continuity. After the photos are taken, the app speeds the playback of the photos up to 8 frames per second, creating a video.

Teachers can use the Justand to hold the iPad or other tablet in place when recording students speeches, presentations, etc. or flip it over and use the tablet as a document camera to display objects, papers, books, live organisms, etc. that are sitting on a table.

Contact us if you’d like to see a Justand in person or would like to check into requesting a loaner unit to demo in your classroom!