Get A Free MimioTeach With This Special Offer

free mimioteach for your time

Boxlight-Mimio is offering a free MimioTeach interactive system for your time – an awesome deal available to schools who do not currently have a Mimio product installed.  If this applies to your building or district, check this deal out because an easier route to free classroom technology than this doesn’t come around very often!

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Give us one hour to show you how the MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboard and MimioStudio™ software can help create a more engaging and interactive classroom.

In addition to the free MimioTeach interactive whiteboard, you will receive a MimioTeach Buy One, Get One (BOGO) voucher good for 60 days after the demo.

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How To Get Your Free MimioTeach
  1. Schedule your demo by completing the form here.  Be sure and answer “YES” to the question that asks if you are working with a reseller and be sure to type in Engaging Technologies (that’s us!).Type in Engaging Technologies as your reseller
  2. We will contact you to reserve a time for your one-hour demonstration. Please keep in mind, the one-hour demo must be attended by a school administrator, principal, or other decision-level personnel, and is only available for schools and districts that do not currently have a Mimio product installed.
  3. We’ll bring your free MimioTeach technology to the one-hour demo. If your demonstration qualifies, we’ll leave it with you to keep!
  4. The Buy One, Get One offer is limited to 5 MimioTeach units (Buy 5, get 5 free). Promo runs from November 15 until March 31, 2017.


mimioteach for your time


The MimioTeach Technology
  • The portable, easy-to-install MimioTeach turns  a whiteboard into an INTERACTIVE whiteboard in minutes!
  • The included MimioStudio classroom software allows you to create dynamic lessons, collaborative activities, and perform formative and summative assessment.
  • Take learning even further with our MimioMobile™ app, which enables group learning and collaboration on almost any device.


Click here to schedule your one-hour demonstration!