Fun Times At Our Customer Appreciation Holiday Reception

customer appreciation holiday reception

We were so happy to see all of our customers that came out to our Customer Appreciation Holiday Reception. We all enjoyed an absolute feast of goodies and our lucky customers and their families left with Bluetooth speakers, WeMo switches, gift cards, Tiles and a variety of other gifts that each family found with their number on it beneath the tree. The kids were thrilled with their Christmas Pez dispensers, but it was Santa who was the real hit of the party!

We had so much fun that we were a little amiss about getting pictures of everyone, but we did manage to snap a few.

One of my favorite take-aways from the night was the look on the face of Ashley’s two older kids (Ashley provides sales support for us) as they saw Santa walk into the room. Their excitement was palpable!  As you might expect, there were a few kiddos that weren’t quite sure about the Santa business, but I think a lot of them let him know what they were wishing for this Christmas.

meeting santa
meeting santa

Kenley Moore explored the life cycle of a butterfly on zSpace, and her brother Cooper was a coloring machine on Boxlight’s new ProColor interactive flat panel that we got just in time to show off at the party.

checking out zSpace
coloring with the boxlight flat panel

The new Boxlight ProColor Interactive Flat Panel Display seemed to light up the whole room when we turned it on. Wow, is this display ever bright! This is definitely something you must check out for yourself in person. We were also impressed with the responsiveness.

Lily Schmidt took to the interactive flat panel displaying MimioStudio software like a duck to water and created some pretty magnificent Christmas trees!

Boxlight's new interactive flat panel

zSpace was a hit from young to old! Zoey and Wrigley Ridder explored the life cycle of a butterfly in 3D. Ethan Schmidt was a whiz on it, and he spent a lot of time investigating and troubleshooting a motor with his sister, Aubrey, looking on. Our high school senior,  Caden, checked out Newton’s Park physics playground.

checking out zSpace
checking out zSpace virtual reality
checking out zSpace

The food was an absolute feast, and our own kids took advantage of it (they’re growing teenagers). When I asked our son Caden why he didn’t have much on his plate, he replied, “Mom, this is a process.”

Cookie decorating was a big hit with the kids, and Ainsley, Macy, and Jessie Flynn knew just what to do! We dare say it was a hit with the adults too from the number of cookie plates we saw, but surely no one was counting. Right?

enjoying the food
cookie decorating

Santa even took care of the big “kids” at the party too!

customer appreciation holiday reception
Mitzi Luedtke, Technology Coordinator at Humphrey Public Schools, with Santa.
customer appreciation holiday reception
Dustin and Cathy Frank of Engaging Technologies

Couldn’t Make Our Customer Appreciation Holiday Reception?

We realize there were many who couldn’t be there because of driving distance, and a few of you who planned to be there had to cancel at the last minute.

However, we want all of you to know how much we appreciate you and your desire to see forward-moving change happen in your schools. We can’t think of anyplace we’d rather be than on this mission with all of you to make education engaging, enriching, and effective!