Get Flex 10 Software for your HoverCam Solo 8

hovercam flex 10

HoverCam Flex 10As you start out the new school year, make sure that your HoverCam Solo 8 software is up to date! HoverCam’s software has been through some evolutions, but the official HoverCam Flex 10 software was released at the beginning of the summer and replaces older software like FlexCap or FlexView.

Going forward, Flex 10 is the software program to use on both OS X and Windows (although there are separate versions) with the HoverCam Solo 8 document camera.  Flex 10 allows the user to scan, take snapshots, slingshot, organize and share files, and record full-motion no-lag HD video directly to the computer over USB.

Take a look at Flex 10 in the video below…

Make sure to download the latest version of Flex 10 to get the best performance out of your HoverCam Solo 8.