GradeCam 3 Gets More New Updates

GradeCam just keeps pulling rabbits out of their hat and amazing us with incredible updates to their already exceptional product!  Here’s more that were added to GradeCam 3 last week…

1.  GradeCam released Gridded Responses to GradeCam 3. You will be able to now enter numeric responses.  You can access gridded responses when determining what type of question type is needed.

2.  Number grids can be customized to include a decimal, negative, and up to 9 digits.

3.  A GradeCam form can include multiple choice questions, rubrics, grids, and True/False.  Below is an example of the two new features – Gridded Responses and Additional Bubbles (up to 10).

4.  GradeCam can now also attach multiple standards to a question.

If you haven’t already checked out GradeCam as a great way to make formative and summative assessment quick and easy in the classroom, be sure and sign up for a free trial to give it a run-through in your classroom.