GradeCam Pilot: Try Before You Buy

GradeCam pilotDid you know that your entire school building or district can try before you buy with the GradeCam pilot program?

The GradeCam pilot program is the best way to truly experience the full possibilities of using GradeCam to transform assessment within your school building or district. Your building or district will have access to the FULL REAL DEAL for 60 days.

Follow these easy steps to start planning a GradeCam pilot for your building or district:

1. Request a GradeCam pilot.
Call us or send us an email to request your pilot.

2. Attend a 20-30 minute GradeCam administrator webinar and commit your building or district to the pilot plan.
If you are a teacher requesting a building or district pilot, your building or district administrator must be involved in the process and in attendance at this short webinar. This 20-30 minute webinar will walk you through everything that must happen to get the pilot in place and discuss ways to make the GradeCam pilot most successful.

3. Complete the GradeCam Pilot Information Form.
The one-page GradeCam Pilot Information Form will provide us the data we need to get your GradeCam pilot set up.

4. GradeCam will complete an initial roster sync.
Using the data supplied in your GradeCam Pilot Worksheet and followup conversations, GradeCam will import data directly from your SIS (Student Information System). This ensures that all of your rosters will be automatically in GradeCam without extra work for your administrators or staff.

5. Get your staff on board and start using GradeCam.
Once the GradeCam pilot has been put into place, we will schedule a webinar for your teaching staff to help them get started effectively using GradeCam in their classroom.

Aren’t quite sure how GradeCam would work in your district? Read the entire case study of Alliance Middle School, which includes the challenges they were facing, the GradeCam solution that works for them, and the applications that GradeCam has been used for within their building.

GradeCam-solutionIn addition, now that GradeCam is compatible with Chromebooks, this pilot program is a jackpot for an even larger number of educators!

Contact us to request your GradeCam pilot TODAY and get started transforming assessment within your school district!