VIDEO: Easy Grading Timesavers Using GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms

GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms

GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms provide a way for teachers to easily collect and record an overall score for assignments that don’t necessarily fit the traditional bubble format. These easy-to-make forms are great for large projects, class presentations, constructed responses, speeches and existing worksheets.  By filling in just a score on the form, scores can quickly be scanned with GradeCam and transferred to any online grade book with just a keystroke!

Check Out These Easy Grading Timesavers

In the video below, we’ll show you five easy grading timesavers using GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms. After watching the video, you’ll definitely want to scroll down and find out how to make your own Scored Assignment Forms and put these ideas into practice!


Creating GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms

GradeCam offers both a video showing how to create Scored Assignment Forms as well as written instructions.  When creating the forms, you’ll have the option to create generic forms or forms that have already have the student ID pre-filled.  Laminate the forms or cover them with clear tape, and you’ll be able to use the forms over and over for a variety of assignments. Simply use dry or wet erase markers and wipe marks away after scanning so the form is ready for next time.

To have the option to create Scored Assignment Forms, you must have a teacher license to GradeCam Go! or a school or district account.

You can also try your hand at creating Scored Assignment Forms with a free trial of GradeCam Go! Don’t already have a free trial?  Sign up here!


Using Scored Assignment Forms

Try using Scored Assignment Forms as easy grading timesavers for:

  • Daily math minute exercises
  • Weekly journal reflections
  • Binder/agenda checks
  • Socratic seminars
  • Fluency checks
  • Large projects
  • Class presentations
  • Constructed responses
  • Existing worksheets
  • Lab journals

In many of the scenarios above, an aide can easily grade and fill in scores in the Scored Assignment Forms. Then the teacher can be responsible for scanning and transferring grades if limited access to the grade book is preferred.

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If you have further questions regarding GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms, leave us a comment below or contact us. We’d also love to hear if you have any interesting ways of implementing Scored Assignment Forms in your classroom!