GradeCam Updates: Chromebooks, Android, and More

GradeCam is developing at such a rapid pace that it is almost hard to keep up with the latest GradeCam updates, but we’ll do our best to let you know how this awesome scanning technology just keeps getting better and continues to make formative and summative assessment quicker and simpler!

If you read these fast, you’ll be working just like GradeCam developers…FAST! However, we recommend you take your time to digest all the great things these updates mean for GradeCam users…

Great news for Chromebook users: GradeCam is now compatible with Chromebooks, so you can now use your Chromebook to scan student forms quickly and easily!

Great news for Android users: The GradeCam 3 for Android has been released, so grab it here at Google Play!

Great news for iPhone users: The iPhone app has been submitted to the iTunes store.  GradeCam is just waiting on approval! Woohoo!

You make us happy, GradeCam. We are so excited to represent another great product whose developers are working nonstop to keep improving an already fantastic classroom technology.

We think GradeCam has made these Twitter users happy too…

If you haven’t signed up for a pilot for your entire building or district, don’t delay. Get more info here…


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