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Interactive Displays

Bring learning to life with interactivity. 

Are Interactive Displays Worth the Hype?

Interactive displays, referred to as "interactive whiteboards" or "smartboards," became an educational trend in the early 21st century as school districts began clamoring to get them. As time went on and more money was spent on whiteboard technology. Sadly, many of those traditional mounted interactive whiteboards became nothing more than very expensive dry erase boards. 

However, as with all technology, interactive displays have come a long way in the last few years. They've become more portable, engaging, and flexible in their use. More importantly, the top choices for interactive software, like MimioStudio, have stayed the course and continue to be used in classrooms today. 

With easy-to-use interactive display software, the creative and engaging lessons that we've seen created by teachers around the country are nothing short of amazing. In combination with interactive displays, they are being used to teach topics in a fun, interactive way.

Just step into a room where students are learning with an interactive display and you will feel the increase of energy and motivation in the classroom.  It's hard to deny the hype when you see an interactive display being used in conjunction with great teaching strategies!

interactive displays

Why Are Interactive Displays So Popular?

Interactive displays are kid magnets.

Some teachers may feel pressured to adopt an interactive display in their classroom and do so often times with pressure from the administration. However, when that teacher sees the enthusiasm of the students when they get their hands on the display, there is no turning back. The enthusiasm of students is nothing short of contagious!

Organizing lessons and incorporating media is easy.

User-friendly interactive software like MimioStudio is a fabulous planning tool, allowing the teacher or trainer to lay out the framework of the lesson or unit within the software, making sure to incorporate all the necessary components for different learning styles within the lesson. That lesson can then be easily broken up into activities, units, days, etc.

Software makes it easy to incorporate PDFs, images, and movies, as well as fun drag-and-drop simulations that make teaching certain concepts a breeze.

If you prefer to teach on-the-fly, the interactive software allows you to easily pull websites and screenshots of many different resources into a file that can be provided easily to students who were absent or need reteaching.

Interactive displays allow students to interact with lesson content.

The teacher no longer has to be the "sage on the stage," because the interactive display makes it easy for students to do just that - interact. They can discuss as they group, solve, or create at the interactive display. Ultra-wide interactive projectors like the P12 LU ultra-wide projector create a display over 100 inches wide. Some interactive displays also bring 10-point touch to the classroom, allowing an entire small group of students to interact with content at the same time!

If a mobile solution fits your bill, the MimioMobile app allows students to work on an interactive activity with multiple devices at the same time, the ultimate in collaboration.  Teachers are also able to send individual interactive activities to individual devices or MimioPads for individual or small group instruction.

Interactive displays work well with other peripheral technologies.

An interactive displays becomes a foundational piece of presentation technology and allows you to interact with many different kinds of content and peripheral technologies - anything that can be displayed on your computer.

View a student's writing in class under your document camera, use your interactive display to edit or annotate, view the results of a classroom clicker poll, or allow a student to play a Livescribe pencast - all right from your interactive display! 

Interactive Display Options for Education or Business

Portable Interactive Whiteboards

The MimioTeach simply attaches to a wall, dry erase board, or other surface with a strong magnet or adhesive strip, providing interactivity with the benefit of easy mobility.

Handheld mobile interactive whiteboards, like the MimioPad, provide the capabilities of a traditional interactive whiteboard with the mobility of a magic wand, allowing the teacher to access their computer from anywhere in the room. Students can use the MimioPad to interact with board content from their seat.


Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors provide a solid interactive experience at a cost that includes the cost of a new projector. Boxlight offers projectors with 10-point touch that allow up to 10 students to interact at the board at one time.

Are you wondering how there's room for that many kids? Take a look at the new ultra-wide laser interactive projector which can create an interactive display as large as 140 inches wide! In addition, laser projectors mean no bulbs to change, ever.

If you're replacing projectors that have lasted for 6-7 years and are at the end of their life and are looking for a user-friendly interactive solution, replacing those projectors with an interactive projector may be a good solution for your classrooms.

Learn more about the advantages of interactive projectors here.

boxlight mimio p12 series projectors

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Flat panel displays like the Clear Touch Interactive 6000U Series, Boxlight's ProColor, or the HoverCam CenterStage heighten engagement with ultra-high definition (4K UHD) display technology that offers vivid images as well as multiple touch and gesture interactivity that makes presentations memorable.

Say goodbye to projector bulb maintenance and fading image quality. In addition, multiple colleagues can work together interactively at the same time, increasing engagement and driving collaboration.

With an additional mount like the Clear Touch Interactive Convertible Mobile Stand, you can quickly and easily take your upright panel from a lecture session to a table great for small group activities!

Download this free guide to interactive flat panel displays that includes information on how to choose, buyer's tips, benefits in education  and collaborative lessons.

Interactive Touch Tables & DeskBoards

Both the interactive ProColor Touch Table and the Boxlight DeskBoard offer a completely flat, height adjustable surface to accommodate students of various heights or those using wheelchairs. Clear Touch Interactive offers a convertible mobile stand for their 6000U flat panel that easily takes the flat panel display from a lecture environment to a flat table fit for small group instruction or use of the panel by students in a wheelchair.

These types of interactive displays accommodate all students and encourage collaboration. These displays also may be a good fit for  corporate offices where teams are collaborating on projects that require touch screen interactivity.

boxlight deskboard adjustable projection surface
Boxlight Deskboard Adjustable Projection Surface
procolor touch table
ProColor Touch Table
clear touch interactive convertible mobile stand
Clear Touch Interactive Convertible Mobile Stand

Looking For Fun Interactive Display Activities?

Incorporating interactive whiteboard activities into your routine may nudge (or shove) you out of your comfort zone, especially if you just recently acquired an interactive whiteboard or display. In fact, you may even begin to recognize your comfort zone as more of a rut.  If that's the case, we encourage you to lose sight of the shore so that you can discover new territory!

Interactive whiteboard activities can be found in abundance on the Internet. With the easy-to-use MimioStudio interactive classroom software, you'll also be able to create your own interactive lessons.

We've compiled a few ideas and starting points to point you in the right direction.

Bring learning to life with interactivity.