KCAV Partners With eMINTS to Support Education Initiatives

KCAV partners with eMINTS

KCAV was honored to host University of Missouri-Columbia Chancellor Alexander Cartwright and his wife, Melinda Cartwright, as well as Kathryn Chval, dean of the College of Education at the University of Missouri at the Kansas City office this week. The group stopped by to formally thank the KCAV team for their efforts in helping to secure the largest grant in the history of the University of Missouri College of Education through the close partnership with the University of Missouri eMINTS National Center.

eMINTS is a non-profit organization that helps teachers create classrooms that facilitate real-life learning experiences for students by integrating technology in ways that transform learning. This recently awarded $22.4 million grant will support rural schools across Kansas and Missouri. Teachers will learn to bring together technology and best teaching practices so they can engage students in engineering design challenges around problems relevant to rural communities.

KCAV leverages decades of experience providing and supporting educational technology to create engaging learning spaces. We are thrilled to partner with eMINTS to make a difference in rural communities throughout Missouri and Kansas. To learn more about how KCAV can help you create engaging learning spaces in your school or workplace, contact us at (800) 798-5228 or email solutions@kcav.com.