The Latest HoverCam Releases Are a Must-See!

Latest HoverCam Releases

We think the latest HoverCam releases are a must see! As the maker of our favorite document camera, they’ve now branched out with a new budget-friendly flat panel and an incredible all-in-one presentation station.

So without further ado, let us share our thoughts on the latest HoverCam releases…


HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Document Camera

hovercam solo 8 plus document cameraThe HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Document Camera has taken our favorite document camera, the HoverCam Solo 8 with its incredible image and full-motion video, and ramped it up in even bigger and better ways!

  • The sensor has gone from an 8 MP to a 13MP.
  • The Total Zoom has gone from a 320x Total Zoom (4x ASR Zoom, 8x Interpolated Digital Zoom, 10X Mechanical Zoom) to a 480x Total Zoom (6x ASR Zoom, 8x Interpolated Digital Zoom, 10x Mechanical Zoom).
  • Video frame rate is now 4K resolution @30fps, 1080P@60fps, and 720P@120fps (WarpSpeed video). In addition, the new WarpSpeed video at 120fps now allows for slow-motion viewing!

We still love the small footprint and easy portability of this document camera and the specs for images and video have only gotten better. In addition to all of these improvements, the speed of the camera has improved, but the price remains the same!

This is still the camera we recommend most often for the classroom, because the combination of quality and price ($349) add up to a document camera value that we think is unbeatable.

NOTE: The HoverCam Solo 8 is no longer available and has been replaced with this model.



HoverCam Nillo 100 Document Camera

hovercam nillo 100 document cameraThe HoverCam Nillo 100 is a new document camera model that caters to a niche – users that need HDMI/VGA out directly to a display. We don’t often encourage this setup simply because it bypasses the ability for the presenter to take advantage of MimioStudio or other interactive software in conjunction with the document camera. However, some schools do set up documents cameras in this manner for ease of use and simplicity when it comes to deploying software throughout a large district.

The Nillo 100 is best compared to the HoverCam Ultra 8, which also has HDMI/VGA out. However, the Ultra 8 is comes with a touch LCD screen and a higher price tag. The LCD screen is not compatible with Mac, so if you’re a Mac user looking for a quality document camera with HDMI/VGA output, it’s probably a wise choice to save the extra bucks and go with the Nillo 100.

The Nillo 100 also has a built-in Android operating system, so no software is required. In addition, the Nillo 100 can connect wirelessly to iOS devices. With a 13 MP auto-focus lens and live uncompressed 1080P @ 60fps video recording, you’ll still get incredible image and video quality at a cool price of $399.



HoverCam CenterStage Flat Panel

hovercam centerstage flat panel displayWith the release of the CenterStage flat panel, HoverCam has made its way into the flat panel market and produced a budget-friendly flat panel that is worth a look. What comes standard on some higher-priced panels – a plug-and-play sound system and anti-glare glass – are optional components, which may be the preferred way to pick and choose by the budget-conscious buyer. This panel offers a 4K Ultra HD display in a variety of sizes – 65″, 75″ and 86″. Also optional is an onboard PC in i3, i5 and i7 models.

This panel comes with KnoteSter, interactive whiteboard software for use with a PC only.

We currently have a HoverCam CenterStage in our office that is ready for demos, so contact us if you’d like to see this flat panel in your own environment! We also have a Clear Touch Interactive 6000U Series Flat Panel in the office to allow you to compare models and see which might be the right fit for your needs.



HoverCam Pilot

hovercam pilot presentation system with optional trayThe HoverCam Pilot is one of the most exciting of the latest HoverCam releases and has definitely turned our heads! This digital podium puts all the essential presentation technology at your fingertips, including an integrated touchscreen (Windows only), a HoverCam Solo 8 Plus document camera, and a built-in microphone that integrates with your current sound system. A handy shelf can hold a different laptop computer, and there’s even a Lightning port for your iPad. The telescopic stand adjusts easily, and wheels and a 16-foot power cord allow the system to be moved to the perfect presentation spot.

What do we love about this? When connected with a flat panel or other interactive display, there is absolutely no reason for the presenter to have his back to the audience! Everything is right there at the presenter’s fingertips, and the integrated computer allows the presenter to see what is showing on the flat panel without turning around.

This is a Windows-only option at this point, so that might be limiting for some. However, if you are a Windows user, this may very well be the perfect component to a meeting room, lecture hall, or other collaborative meeting space.

Check out this video of how a HoverCam Pilot would work in a presentation space…



If you’re interested in any of the latest HoverCam releases and would like to see them in person, contact us.

Our demos are free and we’d love for you to try the latest HoverCam releases out yourself!