Livescribe News: Sky Wifi Smartpen and Fixing OLED Display Issues

sky wifi discontinued

There’s been two new happenings on the Livescribe front recently that we wanted to make sure we shared with our customers and readers.

Sky Wifi Smartpen Being Discontinued

We found out this week that the Sky wifi smartpen line is being discontinued completely as of April 30th. We already, as of last week, have absolutely no access to Sky wifi pens through our distributor.  So, if you are considering making an upcoming Livescribe purchase, your options for Livescribe pens includes the Livescribe 3 or the Echo smartpen.

We are still highly recommending the Echo smartpen for school use and are hoping in a big way that with the discontinuation of the Sky wifi smartpen, the Echo product line could possibly receive a little more love and beefing up. The release of Echo Desktop to allow the Echo to play nicely with devices was a definite step in the right direction.

Get OLED Display Issues Taken Care Of Through Livescribe Customer Support

Secondly, we’ve had several instances of customers having issues with the OLED display on their Livescribe pens. In some instances the pen would work, but the display would show nothing. After finding a forum of other customers’ experiences on the Internet, we encouraged a couple of customers whose pen had this problem to contact Livescribe customer service and stick with them.

We suggested being persistent, as their pens were still under warranty and should not have had a bad display that quickly. In addition, forum posts from customers seemed to get results by being persistent.  Both of our customers were persistent with Livescribe and both were sent a replacement pen.

We recently received an email from Livescribe that several of our demo pens were approaching their 3-year anniversary and that the manufacturer’s warranty on the OLED display was about to expire.  The email did instruct us to notify Livescribe Customer Support at if we noticed any issues with the display.

So, as a reminder, if you are having any issues with your OLED display, make sure to contact Livescribe Customer Support now rather than later so that your warranty doesn’t run out. In addition, be persistent with Livescribe support until they get the issue fixed.

For Livescribe support issues, please visit Livescribe Support directly here