Locking Objects in MimioStudio

locking objects in mimiostudio

Locking objects in MimioStudio is not only a much needed formatting tool in MimioStudio, but one that allows you to create some interesting lessons for your students. Most importantly, locking objects allows you to create a MimioStudio lesson that won’t be mass chaos after you leave it in the hands of your kindergarten students!


Locking Objects That Make Up the Foundation of the Lesson

By locking important foundational elements, students are free to move only those objects in an activity you have deemed important to move in order to complete the lesson. So that your lesson components don’t get moved inadvertently, going through your lesson to check to make sure the appropriate items are locked before the final Save of your lesson is a “must-do!”

In the .gif file below, you can see that it is important for the foundational elements of the lesson (the frame and the “Start with r” heading box) to be locked down so that students can’t accidentally move them while completing the activity. However, the items (raspberries, dolphin, and rabbit) all need to be unlocked so that students are able to move them.

locking in mimiostudio


Creating Fun Lesson by Locking Objects in MimioStudio

Some very inventive activities can be created using Locking, which allows you to create content that can be dragged from “inside” of something. For instance, in the example below, students drag the objects out of the bookbag. If an object starts with “Ch-“, students drag it into the frame. The bookbag is locked, but the objects behind it are unlocked, so they are able to be dragged out from behind it.

Example locking activity


More MimioStudio How-Tos

If you’re looking for more MimioStudio How-Tos, don’t forget to check out the on-demand video tutorials located on the Boxlight-Mimio website. Follow the navigation path below to get to Video Tutorials.

boxlight-mimio video tutorials

Once you arrive at the On-Demand Video Tutorials page, Locking will be found under Formatting Objects.

mimiostudio locking video tutorial