We Love Loom For Sharing Video

we love loom

We love Loom for sharing video, and we don’t mean as in…

“Yeah, that’s a great service. I use it once in a while. You should give it a shot.”

No, we mean, we REALLY LOVE Loom…as in…

“WHAT? You haven’t tried it yet?”

<shoves you out of the way to sit down at your computer>

“Let’s get you signed up right now!”

…Yep, it’s that kind of love.


We Love Loom Because It Makes Sharing Videos Quick and Easy

Around here, we do a large portion of work on our computers and often send screen captures to show someone how to do something in their software or to ask a question about a curious thing happening in a software program. It might be for a teacher who hasn’t figured out something in their MimioStudio software or is having problems getting a document camera connected. For whatever reason, it is often easiest to just create a movie of what is happening on the screen or what NEEDS to be happening on the screen.

Well, it’s quickest, that is, until you get to the part where you have to upload the movie (which takes forever), sit and wonder what is taking so long, wonder if it really is there because now you can’t find it, and so on. So, although it may be easier to make a movie rather than send multiple screenshots and emails back and forth, it definitely isn’t easier when it comes to sharing that helpful video! That’s where Loom comes in.

Loom is a free service that allows you to quickly make movies and… just like that <snap>, you’ve got a link to share that movie with its intended recipient. You email them the link, they watch the movie (no account necessary), and they can even leave timestamped comments on the movie.

It. Is. Seriously. That. Easy.

Watch this Loom video below that ET Team Member Kate made about how easy it is to share a Loom video. Even leave a timestamped comment if you want about how you might use this awesome service!


Check Out Where Loom is Headed

So, besides making video quick to create and easy to share, Loom even lets you in on what new features you can be expecting. Just check out the Loom Roadmap to see what features are in the works. You can even see what potential features they are considering (video trimming is coming soon). Those of you that are heavy Google Classroom users will definitely want to vote for the idea to integrate Loom with Google Classroom!


Using Loom for Troubleshooting

We think this is a great tool that has a lot of potential for not only classroom use, but also for just everyday use. When you have a software issue that you’re having trouble figuring out, just create a quick video to send to your building tech expert!

If you’re having issues with your Mimio software or something weird is going on with your document camera, just send us a link to your Loom video that explains the issue you are having and you’ll probably take a huge step forward in getting a helpful answer back quickly.


Loom Zoom

Below is a video that gets into the nitty gritty (a Loom Zoom) of why we love Loom for sharing video, and Kate shows just how easy it is to create a video using Loom. You’ll also want to pay attention because Kate also explains how you can get unlimited recording time on your Loom videos!

So, take a look, and give Loom a shot. We’re confident you’re going to love Loom for many of the same reasons that we love Loom!

If you need a Loom referral code, you can use this one, but that’s not why we’re telling you about Loom. We just know a good thing when we see it, and Loom is definitely a GOOD thing!