Biggest Takeaways From the Mimio Partner Summit 2014

Three ET Team Members spent the early part of last week in Boston at the Mimio Partner Summit 2014.

Always an incredible time of renewal, education, and networking, our team members returned from Boston and got right to work to document their biggest takeaways from the week…

From Dustin:

Here are a few things that really struck me about the Mimio Partner Summit:

  • I have never been around an ENTIRE group that is so happy, excited, and truly enjoying and smiling about what they do.
  • The MimioClassroom suite has an excellent position in the market, with their entire suite of products on a single software.
  • Mimio really wants to “partner” with us, not just have us sell their products. They truly appreciate the feedback and desire to improve based on the needs of their customers.
  • The entire solution of Mimio is really impressive and can meet the needs of virtually any classroom in the interactive space.

My favorite part of the entire Mimio Summit was hearing Dan Winkler, Mimio’s Chief Technology Officer, close the entire Mimio conference with his story about visiting the classrooms in Olathe, Kansas with ET team members, Linda Peters and Dustin Frank.  Dan said that while he loved going and visiting and seeing the technologies in action, seeing the kids being totally engaged with the technology helped him to know Mimio is on the right track.

Dan’s most memorable part of the Olathe visit, and what has stuck with him every single day since, occurred during an interview with one of the teachers after observing her class.  The teacher looked right at Dan and told him  she loved Mimio,  but she wanted to know, “How does it feel to be changing the lives of children?”

From Jen:

I have been a Mimio fanatic for several years now and didn’t think that my level of admiration for this brand could be any greater. – I was mistaken! While recently attending the 2014 Mimio Partner Summit in Boston, I found myself feeling unbelievably blessed to be tied in with this company.

Not only have they been able to deliver innovative, quality products and impeccable service, but they are simply amazing people!  I was put in a unique position to be surrounded by intelligent, yet humble people – people that share the same passion for enhancing the lives of educators and students as we do at Engaging Technologies.

I left this year’s Summit feeling even more excitement than than usual. I feel honored to be a part of such a wonderful family delivering stunning products, both new and tried and true!

Being able to see the entire Mimio product line right before us was wonderful. The MimioDisplay is stunning, and we all got to see something Mimio will be announcing in the next couple months, something I think is going to be my new favorite technology.  I am thrilled thinking of  the kind of learning that will occur with this new product!

From Mike:

My passion for Mimio products and the impact they can have on education became even stronger when meeting the individuals behind the product line.

Everyone who works for Mimio, from the developers and engineers, all the way to the support staff, has immense pride in both the product they provide and the impact it has on the kids in each classroom.

When individual schools or entire districts sit down and plan out their future with technology, it’s important that they choose a company that has long term stability and a vision to grow with them as technology changes. Mimio does this with a level of energy and enthusiasm which is impossible to match.

I am proud to carry Mimio products with me into schools as I know in the end, the students will be the ones to benefit the most.