Mimio Update Extends Collaborate Feature to Every Student

mimio update extends collaborate

The latest Mimio update is the update we’ve been waiting for! This Mimio update extends the Collaborate feature to every student (up to 50). With the latest software update  – MimioStudio 11.3 – working in conjunction with the latest app update – MimioMobile 3 – on each student device, teachers now have the option of having a single student, group or the entire class work on the same Mimio activity. In addition, the teacher can pause student sessions or hide a session from view instantly, all on the front-of-the-class display. This will give teachers a far greater ability to highlight, discuss, and share student work with the entire class.  

If you’re not seeing the new features in your licensed version of MimioMobile, make sure that:

  1. You have updated the desktop MimioStudio software to version 11.3.
  2. You have updated the app on each student device to the latest version, MimioMobile 3.

Both the software and the app must be updated to take advantage of these new features.

Other Notable Upgrades in This Mimio Update of MimioStudio

  • This update provides support for Mimio’s newest document camera, the MimioView 340H, as well as increased frame rate for the previous MimioView camera. This will be noticeable when recording movies with your Mimio document camera.
  • This update provides support for MimioBoard 780T touch board.
  • Support was added for the Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) operating system.

Don’t forget that with a MimioStudio license, you can connect up to three devices with MimioMobile for free. However, this upgrade might just make you want to bite the bullet and jump in with MimioMobile!