How Low Can You Go with MimioMobile?

MimioMobileOver the past couple of months, Olathe Public Schools has been conducting a pilot of MimioMobile in several elementary classrooms.  It has been fun to work with these teachers and help them implement MimioMobile into their individual classrooms.

When this project began, I saw the list of teachers with the grade levels that they taught and was shocked to see two preschool classrooms included.  “How can this be?” I thought.

As a former high school teacher I could hardly comprehend creating lessons for students who probably don’t even recognize letters of the alphabet, let alone know how to read, but was I ever proven wrong!

Two teachers from Harmony Early Childhood Center have already been doing amazing things with MimioMobile.  Kim Buenger and her three-year-old students were using MimioMobile to learn about transportation the day after her initial training with the system.

Paige Moran, teacher for students with disabilities, has created circle time lessons that include attendance, calendar, counting and singing activities.

So to answer the question, “How low can you go with MimioMobile?”  It is engaging and easy enough for three-year-olds in addition to being fun for their teachers too!

MimioMobile transportation sort activity