MimioStudio 11.2 Offers Exciting Collaboration for FREE!

Mimio released some very exciting news for MimioStudio users last week – MimioStudio collaboration for free! Version 11.2, the latest release of MimioStudio (a free upgrade if you are already a licensed user of MimioStudio), now offers the ability for any classroom with a Mimio software or hardware license to connect up to three mobile devices with the MimioMobile app, for FREE!

What does this mean for existing MimioStudio users that choose to upgrade?

  • One of the best things about this upgrade is that if you use MimioStudio, you can now use your iPad or Android tablet to control your computer from anywhere in the room without having to purchase anything else! Just like you could with a MimioPad, you can now hand over control of your device to a computer to work on a MimioStudio lesson on your iPad without ever leaving your desk!  Unlike with the MimioPad, you’ll even be able to see your desktop on your iPad!
  • You now have the ability to truly try out MimioMobile in your classroom on a small scale without worrying about any free trial time limits.  Get comfortable using MimioMobile with only three devices and see how even collaboration with these devices on even a small scan can change the dynamics of your classroom.  Divide the class into three groups, each with a device, and allow them to work on a Mimio lesson together.  You’ll see just how easy it is to get students connected, and get some practice building this sort of device collaboration into your lessons.If you’re looking for ideas to jump start thinking in “collaborative mode,” be sure to check out Mimio’s free Collaboration Guide for Grades K-12. This guide will give you some information on collaborative methodology in your classroom and some ideas of lessons.  You can also download the Collaborate to the Core – Lessons for K-12 .ink files from MimioConnect, which contains sample collaborative lessons from different subject areas. While these might not be the entire lesson you would use in class, make sure to recognize the concept behind the lesson and think about how you might apply that to your content area or grade level.
  • With the ability to connect three devices for free, you can actually (and cautiously) test BYOD in your classroom.  Provide school devices, maybe from a class set of iPads, or allow students to bring their own devices to get an idea of how those different devices work.  This could be a start of BYOD for your district by wading in slowly rather than jumping in the deep end head first!

We are thrilled that Mimio has decided to offer this for customers in their latest release of MimioStudio.  Download the latest version of MimioStudio TODAY!