Last week at this time we were in full swing at NETA 2014.  The Theme? Mission: Possible. We had many new special agents at our Department of Change, and phase one of our mission – building excitement – was accomplished.  We equipped some motivated special agents with great tools for their Special Agent Toolbox so that they can go out and CREATE CHANGE!

Now, one week later, I think we have finally recovered from our NETA Hangover.  Yes, really.  A NETA hangover. Every. Single. Year.  We sleep in the day after and then move like slugs for even a day or two after that. MPlogo5

Why does it take so much out of us?  I’ve thought long and hard about that and decided that, well, it’s probably just because we put so much into it.

It is heady excitement, getting to see all of our customers in one place. It’s exhilarating talking about the latest products that are impacting instruction. It’s great to meet new educators who are committed to seeing change happen in the classroom.

However, all the excitement makes your body forget that you are running on no sleep, standing for long hours at a time, and talking nonstop.

NETA 2014 was no different.  Once again, it was an absolutely amazing conference organized and participated in by some very dedicated and organized folks.

We had some wonderful additions to our booth at NETA 2014 that added even more excitement and CRAZY (the good kind) to our booth.  They were definitely impressed by the Nebraska Ed-Tech community and their participation in NETA 2014.

Deb “GradeCam Guru” Delaney traveled from Ohio to share her GradeCam expertise with us, and she gave a presentation GradeCam and how easy it makes quick formative assessment in the classroom and also handed out free teachers licenses and a couple of building licenses for several lucky winners, including Karey Killion, Jason Sawyer, Dave Cormier, Jeanne Pope, Sharon Loftis, Harlan Anson, Maegan Lindquist, Angela Arena, Michael Volker, Renea Johnson, Lisa Ashby, Jennifer Roberts, Stephanie Toelle, Chris Schropfer, Sean King, Linda Dunlap, and Angela Kaldahl.

Craig “The HoverCam Guy” Justice came all the way from the grape vineyards of San Diego, California to give us our first look at the HoverCam Solo 8 (and WOWZA, it was AWESOME!!!). Folks were blown away by the image clarity and video quality, in addition to the tiny $349 price tag from a camera that looks like it should cost twice as much!  Two lucky winners – Ryan Waters and Dan Tesar – won a HoverCam Mini 5, a camera fit for a special agent!

Jeb “Mimio Man” Hoverter came in from Denver and many customers got to play with MimioMobile during NETA 2014 and saw how interactive lessons can be sent to individual student devices.  The response was positive and we had more than one person chomping at the bit to get this technology in their classroom! Julie Phillips, Kathy Kozak, and Crystal Bauermeister were the three lucky winners that will get a free one-year license to MimioMobile for a classroom at their school!

Thank you to each and every one of our customers and hopefully future customers that stopped by the booth.  It’s exciting to hear how your classrooms are changing and how technology is making a difference in your schools. And although the technology is great, YOU are what makes it work in the classroom.

Keep up the good work educators and administrators! Your mission to CREATE CHANGE is totally possible.  Gather up the right tools, embrace the passion that got you into education in the first place, and JUST DO IT! (and don’t hesitate to call us if you get stuck and need some help along the way)

You can see all of our NETA 2014 pics below (yes, we know…we didn’t take too many.  We were busy talking shop!) Just click on a picture to go through all of them in a larger size.

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