The Latest GradeCam Question Types are Awesome

new gradecam question types

We’re so excited about the latest GradeCam question types that have arrived with the summer release of GradeCam’s new technology, Aita. We often mention how responsive GradeCam is to customer feedback and how quickly the software keeps improving. Well, it appears that their responsiveness and speedy development are shooting GradeCam beyond grading multiple choice questions. We think the latest GradeCam question types are awesome, and we’re confidant that they will be tremendous timesavers!

GradeCam Aita is GradeCam’s new Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistant. This amazing new technology has taken GradeCam bubble sheets to new heights by capturing and scoring (numeric only for now) handwritten answers. Two new GradeCam question types were released this summer alongside the GradeCam Aita announcement – Handwritten Numeric and Rubric with Capture.


The Handwritten Numeric Question Type

Handwritten Numeric allows students to bypass the bubbles and simply handwrite their numeric answers. The teacher sets up the questions on the GradeCam exam as Handwritten Numeric. During question setup, the teacher chooses how compact the writing area will appear on the answer sheet and can choose a range of answers that is acceptable, as well as assign a pre-determined number of points to the question.

gradecam aita handwritten numericgradecam aita

When students complete the GradeCam assignment, Aita recognizes the handwritten answers with amazing accuracy and the questions are automatically scored in GradeCam Go!

Aita is a neural learning network, so she continues to learn as she is used more. Students are able to continue practicing their handwritten numeric responses and Aita can capture and grade those responses, further helping teachers to tame the grading beast!


Handwritten Numeric – Not Just For Math Teachers

While math teachers might be the first to come to mind to benefit from the handwritten numeric question type, it’s a timesaver for teachers of other subject areas too! Whether the answer is a historical date, a music time, or an atomic weight, teachers in many subject areas will benefit from this added question type.

handwritten numeric social studies sample

handwritten numeric english sample

Rubric with Capture Question Type

The second of the recently released GradeCam question types is Rubric with Capture, a question type that we feel has been a little overlooked in the excitement of Aita Handwritten Numeric questions. However, we feel this question type is just as exciting. Rubric with Capture allows the teacher to digitally capture handwritten answers of any type.

Rubric with Capture opens up a large amount of flexibility for capturing different types of student responses, such as thinking maps, graphic organizers, essay questions, or an illustration for a CTE course. While GradeCam won’t grade these questions, you’ll still have digital access to the answer to grade on the go without having to carry home papers.

Another benefit of having the answers digitally captured is that these questions can still be tied to standards. Therefore, student progress through the standards can be tracked through GradeCam reporting, even on handwritten questions.

rubric with capture science examplerubric with capture pe example


Take the New GradeCam Question Types for a Spin

If you haven’t had a chance to see the new question types in action, here’s how you can.
  • TEACHERS: If you aren’t already enrolled in GradeCam Go! Plus, sign up for a free 60-day trial and you’ll have access to these two question types during your trial period.
  • ADMINISTRATORS: If you don’t already participate in a school or district plan, try out these two question types with a free 60-day pilot for your school or district.

NOTE: GradeCam Aita Handwritten Numeric question type will only be available to GradeCam Go! School/District licenses as an add-on. It will not be available with a GradeCam Go! Teacher Plus license.

Learn More About GradeCam Aita

Are you interested in knowing more about GradeCam Aita technology (how she got her name, more ins and outs of what she can do, and maybe even the meaning of a new word in Estonian!)? Enjoy these 10 interesting Aita facts to read while you wait for your free trial confirmation!

We can’t wait to get your feedback on the latest GradeCam question types. Leave a comment and let us know!

For more information about all GradeCam question types, download our PDF of GradeCam question types to see how each question type appears on a bubble sheet.