Boxlight P12 Laser Ultra-Wide Projector

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The Boxlight P12 Laser Ultra-Wide Projector offers the ultimate in collaboration. With 10-point touch interactivity and an image as large as 140 inches, several students can work at the display simultaneously.

MimioStudio interactive software is included.

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The Boxlight P12 Laser Ultra-Wide Projector provides an interactive area as large as 140 inches. Take full advantage of the 10 points of interactive touch and plenty of room for 10 students to work along side each other at the display, perfect for a math classroom! In addition, you’ll enjoy a huge interactive collaborative space and still keep your whiteboard.

This ultra short-throw is mounted close to the display area, providing a virtually shadow-free display. Maintenance is a breeze as the laser projection means no bulbs to change – ever, and the laser lifespan is rated at 20 years, based on a typical school year of 200 days with 5 hours of use per day. You can also pick the best interactivity option for your environment and budget – pen, touch, or non-interactive.

*NOTE: If you are considering the touch-enabled interactive option, be aware that touch-projectors require a laser flat surface in order to work properly. Call us at (800) 705-4049 to discuss the condition of your current dry erase boards or request a surface flatness test.

Boxlight P12 Laser Ultra-Wide Projector Features:
  • Interactive area as large as 140 inches
  • Laser projector means no bulbs to change – ever
  • 20-year laser life span with 3100-lumen brightness
  • Comes with MimioStudio interactive software and the MimioMobile app that enable interactive lessons as well as collaboration and assessment on almost any student device
  • 10-touch interactivity (on interactive models)
  • Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Ethernet LAN connectivity for central management and control
Boxlight P12 Laser Ultra-Wide Projector Options:
  • Laser Touch-enabled Interactive P12 LTU – $6,142 (MAP Price)
  • Laser Pen-enabled Interactive P12 LIU – $5,889 (MAP Price)
  • Laser Non-interactive N12 LNU – $5,382 (MAP Price)

Prices shown reflect only the price of the projector. Mounts can be ordered for all units at an additional cost.


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Installation Assistance
Getting Started
  • If you’re using an interactive model, download the latest release of MimioStudio interactive software here.
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  • Visit the MimioStudio product page for training guides and resources regarding the MimioStudio interactive software that is included with the interactive models of this projector.
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