GradeCam Student Portal

Included with GradeCam Go! subscription ($3.00/student/year)

The GradeCam Student Portal is a paperless assessment alternative that allows students to access assignments through their personal login, whether synchronously or asynchronously. It even allows a mixture of both paper and digital assessments while still providing the teacher access to all GradeCam reporting.

If you’re going paperless, flipping your classroom or embarking on a 1:1, BYOD, online or distance learning scenario, the GradeCam Student Portal is something you’ll want to see!

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The GradeCam Student Portal is a paperless assessment alternative that allows students to complete assignments online through their personal login. Teachers can choose when assignments become available and when they expire.

Since GradeCam Student Portal is available as an add-on to a School or District GradeCam Go! subscription, educators can enjoy the benefits of a mixture of paper and/or digital assessments while still benefitting from access to all GradeCam reporting.

The Student Portal is a perfect solution for 1:1 and BYOD schools, online schools, flipped classroom, and home instruction for inclement weather days.

GradeCam Student Portal Features:
  • Students can access scores instantly, viewing both correct and incorrect responses.
  • Parents can access the portal, bridging communication between home and school.
  • Teachers can share assessments and data within a PLC or with administration.

Visit the GradeCam Student Portal page for more detailed information and to request a free trial.


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See It In Action

The video below shows the teachers view as they assign assessments to students in the GradeCam Student Portal.

See the student view in the Student Portal as they take an assessment within the Portal.


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