HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Document Camera

The HoverCam Solo 8 Plus document camera is the latest update in the Solo 8 series – offering even higher quality images and 4K full frame video recording.

  • Stunning 13 MegaPixel clarity
  • True 4K with FullMotion
  • Time-lapse and slow motion video viewing
  • Works in both Mac and Windows environments

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The HoverCam Solo 8 Plus document camera is the latest update to our best-selling document camera, the HoverCam Solo 8. As its name implies, the Solo 8 Plus takes the Solo 8 to the next level with 4K full motion video recording and 120 fps warp speed recording that allows for slow-motion viewing – perfect for flipping your classroom.

In addition, you’ll be treated to even more stunning images with ultra-clear details, whether you’re showing your class a worksheet or zooming in on a small organism in a petri dish.  The swivel lens allows for 90-degree rotation for image orientation, which makes it an awesome tool for recording student presentations or bringing the world to your classroom through Skype!

Like the HoverCam Solo 8, the Solo 8 Plus uses ASR (Adaptive Sensor Resolution) that allows you to zoom in with digital zoom while still maintaining outstanding image quality with no degradation.

Maintaining the same small footprint and easy portability as the Solo 8, this camera ships with the new HoverCam Flex software which operates natively on both Windows or Mac computers. The camera also comes with OCR software for scanning a document into editable text.

We’re confident this document camera will do all you want and more, all with a price tag that will make you smile!

HoverCam Solo 8 Plus Features:
  • Stunning 13 MegaPixel Clarity
  • True 4K with FullMotion
  • 120 fps WarpSpeed video
  • USB 3.0 powered
  • Time-lapse video
  • Ultra-clear details
  • Slow-motion video viewing
  • High-powered zoom with no image degradation
  • Scan to PDF
  • OCR Text recognition

To see how the HoverCam Solo 8 Plus compares to our other popular document cameras, download our Document Camera Comparison.


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