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MimioStudio™ is Mimio’s interactive software that controls all of the MimioClassroom technologies.

Incredibly intuitive, the ease of use of Mimio’s interactive software means you’ll spend less time scratching your head and more time teaching.

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MimioStudio interactive software is the driving force behind all of the Mimio classroom products. This user-friendly software integrates all MimioClassroom products with one easy-to-use software, making district installation easy.

MimioStudio Interactive Software Features:
  • Designed to be used with interactive whiteboards and displays from other manufacturers, with support for pens, single touch, multi-touch, and gestures.
  • Imports files from SMART, Promethean, PowerPoint, Word and Common File Format (IWB), so teachers can use the content they already have.
  • Includes MimioStudio Gradebook, which automatically records multiple-choice, numeric, and short-answer responses to MimioVote assessment questions
  • Students can use mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile™ app for assessment via numeric, short-answer, and short-essay questions.
  • Open-ended response questions are easy to create with drag-and-drop templates and help students practice for state and Common Core Assessments.
  • The MimioMobile annual license allows up to 50 student devices to work simultaneously on a MimioStudio activity, with everyone’s work displayed at the front of the classroom.
  • Allows the simultaneous use of Apple and Android phones and tablets, laptops and Chromebooks for assessment and collaboration
Some of the Latest Additions to MimioStudio:
  • MimioStudio 9 software saw the creation of the ActivityWizard, an advanced innovation that automates the entire activity-creation process, allowing teachers to create effective activities in minutes. See the ActivityWizard in action!
  • MimioStudio 10 introduced collaboration mode, which makes classroom collaboration with MimioMobile possible.
  • MimioStudio 11 allows users to use MimioMobile collaboration with up to 3 devices for free!
  • MimioStudio 11.5 expanded the the Collaborate feature, allowing the teacher to ask as many as 50 students to work interactively on the same activity. In addition, support for MimioMobile for the Web was added. This allows the MimioMobile app to work on almost any device the student may have in the classroom: tablets, smartphones, laptops, and Chromebooks.

Try MimioStudio Interactive Software for free today!

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Q: Where do the MimioStudio files save?
A:  You can save MimioStudio files to any location on your computer or network. The files are called Notebook files and save with the INK file extension.
Q: What formats can Mimio files be saved in?
A:  Files can also be saved in the following formats:

  • MimioStudio (.ink)
  • Bitmap (.bmp)
  • Web page (.html)
  • CompuServe Gif (.gif)
  • PNG (.png)
  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • TIFF (.tif)
  • Metafile (.wmf)
  • Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Interactive whiteboard common file format (.iwb)

Q: Which Mimio products are compatible with MimioStudio software?
A:  All of the most recent MimioClassroom products are fully compatible with MimioStudio software. The Mimio Interactive Xi and Mimio Capture for Xi devices, which are products of our previous generation, are also perfectly compatible with our MimioStudio software. In order to access the greatest and newest features, consider always upgrading to the latest MimioStudio version.
Q: Can I use MimioStudio software with my SMART or Promethean lessons?
A:  MimioStudio software can open both SMART Notebook and Promethean Flipchart files. These file types will open inside MimioStudio software and users can immediately begin working with them—with limited loss of functionality, in most cases. They can also be dragged and dropped from a file location into MimioStudio Notebook.


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