MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard System

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The MimioTeach portable interactive whiteboard transforms any smooth surface into a fully interactive whiteboard.

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Make use of dry erase board and projector you already have
  • Easy-to-install interactive solution
  • Includes MimioStudio interactive classroom software

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The MimioTeach interactive whiteboard system is lightweight and easily portable, but durable. It’s easy to handle and transport, making it a flexible and easy-to-install interactive solution for your classroom.

The patented infrared and ultrasound sensor technology of the MimioTeach interactive whiteboard fits neatly into a small, unobtrusive bar that attaches easily to a wall or standard whiteboard. Combine it with a projector and computer, and it becomes a fully interactive system.

One of our favorite things about Mimio interactive whiteboard technology is MimioStudio, the easy-to-use interactive software that is included with your MimioTeach purchase.

MimioTeach Interactive Whiteboard Features:
  • Complete interactive whiteboard system that uses the dry erase boards and projectors you already have
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Creates an interactive area up to 104″
  • Search the MimioStudio Gallery for ready-to-use lesson content and enliven lessons with audio, video, and Flash files
  • Record video lessons to reuse whenever you want
  • Record audio files using your computer’s microphone
  • Import existing lessons from Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat
  • Save your whiteboard notes and drawings to your computer
  • Access thousands of ready-made interactive lessons in MimioConnect


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Q: What is the main difference between the MimioTeach bar and the Mimio Xi bar?
A:  The MimioTeach system takes advantage of new tracking technologies. Its new and updated tracking algorithms and hardware work dependably in any environment, and there is no lag time when using the stylus. The bar is streamlined, the button selection is simplified and the stylus is now rechargeable. Wireless is standard with the product, with the additional choice of either USB or wall power connection. Two push-button functions on the bar indicate Interactive/Calibrate and Launch. And there is one Indicator light to denote a power connection. The Mimio Xi bar includes additional functions specific to MimioCapture for Xi, such as New Page, Copy Page and Print. Those features have now been moved to the new MimioCapture tray, enhancing the clean look of the MimioTeach bar.

Q: How does the MimioTeach project?
A:  The MimioTeach system does not project an image. A separate LCD or DLP projector is required to display the computer’s image onto the whiteboard. The recommended brightness is between 1500-2500 lumens. Minimum recommended resolution is XGA.

Q: How does the MimioTeach attach to the board?
A:  The MimioTeach system has rare earth magnets built into the bar that will allow for attachment to any steel-backed whiteboard. We also provide metal mounting brackets that will attach to the magnets on the MimioTeach bar and then use 3M adhesive strips to attach to the whiteboard. Finally, there are optional security brackets available for purchase that will allow for a permanent mounting solution, removable with a supplied security screwdriver.

Q: How long do the batteries last in the MimioTeach system?
A:  The batteries have been tested to last for some 9 to 20 hours of continuous use, depending on the type of batteries used. DYMO/Mimio recommends using either rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries. While lithium batteries are one-time use and expensive, they will give you the longest use time. However, rechargeable batteries will provide multiple uses and ample time to be used, for multiple days in a row. Remember, the MimioTeach system will go to a low power state after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Q: Does the MimioTeach system use Bluetooth, or what frequency is the wireless?
A:  No, the wireless system is a dedicated 2.4 GHz bidirectional point-to-point wireless connection to the computer through the MimioHub USB “thumb drive” receiver, with a maximum range of 30 feet or 9 meters.

Q: How long does the charge last in the MimioTeach stylus?
A:  The expected length of time per charge is approximately 200 hours. Official testing has shown that on a single charge, the MimioTeach stylus battery will last approximately 11 continuous hours. This means 11 straight hours of the tip being depressed.There are two things that will ensure the life of the battery is one of the longest on the market:

  1. The MimioTeach system has a built-in docking and recharging station for the stylus, so its “home” will always provide a recharge.
  2. Most use cases of the stylus show that it is used only 5% to 10% of class time. Therefore, the actual use time it would take for the battery to deplete entirely is close to 200 hours.

Effectively, the stylus should never fully deplete, but if it does, there is also a two-minute quick-charge mode for emergency use. The stylus will fully charge in 3 hours.

Q: Do you need the stylus for it to work, or can I use my finger instead?
A:  The MimioTeach system works only with a stylus at this time.

Q: The MimioTeach stylus has 2 buttons. What are their functions?
A:  Two buttons on the stylus activate functions: Hover/Right Click and MimioStudio tools. For left mouse click, touch the projected area with the tip of the stylus twice.

Q: Can I reconfigure the buttons on the MimioTeach stylus?
A:  Yes, you can reconfigure both buttons on the stylus. Please note that once you reconfigure them, the default will be reset and the buttons will no longer retain the original functions of Right Click and MimioStudio tools.

Q: Can I get replacements for the MimioTeach stylus tips?
A:  Yes, you can order replacement pen tips. The stylus is made of solid Teflon with a replaceable tip to ensure ultra-smooth action on all board or screen surfaces.



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