Swivl Additional Markers

Get additional markers for your C Series robot with USB charger. Maximum 4 per robot. Series C compatible only.

Options include:

  • 2 additional markers ($249)
  • 4 additional markers ($499)
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Swivl additional markers will allow you to make use of the multi-marker capability of the new C series robot. Get up to 4 sources of audio and pinpoint who said what during class discussions, and expand the use of your Swivl to an even larger scale.  Control who the robot follows with a touch of a button.

Maximum 4 per robot. Series C compatible only.

Swivl Additional Markers Includes:
  • 2 Markers
  • 2 wrist lanyards
  • 1 Marker charger
  • 1 color sticker pack
  • 4 Markers
  • 4 wrist lanyards
  • 2 Marker chargers
  • 2 color sticker packs


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Tech Specs

  • Size: 85mm x 30mm
  • Remote controls: Record, Action, Right, Left ,Up, Down.
  • Microphone: DECT multi-channel solution
  • Battery: Re-chargeable Lithium Polymer with estimated 4 hour run time


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