Swivl C5 Bundle


The Swivl C5 Bundle, the flagship model, contains 5 markers, empowering users to gather even more personalized insights of teachers and students for reflection and coaching.

The Swivl C5 Bundle includes:

  • Swivl C Series base
  • Primary Marker + 4 Expansion Markers
  • 2 USB Marker Chargers
  • Carrying Case

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The Swivl C5 Bundle, the flagship model, is still great for capturing presentations, teacher evaluation, student teaching, and instructor coaching. However, this package goes even a step further than the C3 Bundle by including 4 expansion markers.

Five markers empower users to gather personalized insights of teachers and students during class for reflection, coaching and communicating with those outside of class.

The Swivl C5 Bundle includes:
  • Swivl C Series base
  • Primary Marker + 4 Expansion Markers
  • 2 USB Marker Chargers
  • Carrying Case

The star of the C5 Bundle is the new C Series robotic base that is loaded with new features. Easier to use with its simpler Lightning interface, it now provides professional quality audio and twice the speed of response.

New features of the Swivl C Series robot include:
  • Pro quality audio: Includes a completely redesigned audio technology utilizing DECT. Brings a higher quality, more robust connection.
  • Multi-marker capability: Connect up to 4x markers simultaneously. Capture audio from all corners of a classroom and switch who Swivl “follows”.
  • 3.5mm marker audio-in: Plug in a lav-mic or headphones to get even better audio while using the marker as a presentation clicker.
  • Carrying case: Includes new, improved protective case in the box.
  • Lightning iOS interface: Eliminates the challenges of using Bluetooth and provides higher quality audio.*
  • Improved marker controls: D-pad (Directional pad) controls
  • Ease of use: Countless new improvements based on educator feedback.
  • Extended battery life: 6 hours under normal use cases.

*The Swivl C Series robot is not compatible with iOS devices with a 30-pin connector. This includes iPhones before the iPhone 5 and iPads before the iPad 4th generation.


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Tech Specs

  • App Requirements: Use with Swivl Practice or Present apps. Requires a Swivl app to be installed on mobile device and open to operate.
  • Swivl Cloud: Apps work in conjunction with Swivl Cloud. Swivl Cloud is free, has unlimited video storage and a range of tools. In addition, each robot purchase comes with a 1-year Pro upgrade.
  • Accessories In the box: Protective Case, AC Charger, 3x Adapter grips, Micro USB to Lightning Cable, and Manual
  • Weight: 2.0lbs package. Base 1.1lbs. Marker 0.15lbs.
  • Pan: 360 degree continuous with max 90 degree/sec
  • Tilt: 25 degree range with max 10 degree/sec
  • Tracking: 2-30 foot range of operation line of site
  • Mobile compatibility: iOS and Android (Android requires cable purchase – SW5170)
  • Size: 85mm x 30mm
  • Remote controls: Record, Action, Right, Left ,Up, Down.
  • Microphone: DECT multi-channel solution
  • Battery: Re-chargeable Lithium Polymer with estimated 4 hour run time
  • Size:125mm x 65mm
  • Audio: USB Lightning digital
  • Device Mounting: Accepts any mobile device or device with protective case under 12mm thick. See also the Swivl Expand Case for iPads (SW7010).
  • See Mount Anything Kid (SW5100)
  • Battery: Re-chargeable Lithium with estimated 6 hour run time
  • I/O: micro USB control, USB (audio features coming soon)
  • AC Adapter: 90-240V, US plugs.



Getting Started
  • Download the Swivl+ App
    The Swivl app controls the function of your Swivl robot on your device and is available in both iTunes and the Google Play store.
  • Swivl Setup Instructions
    Follow these instructions to set up your C Series Swivl Robot with an iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Upgrade Using A Pro or Pro Plus Code
    When you purchase your upgrade to Swivl Pro or Pro Plus, you will receive an email containing your upgrade code. Follow these instructions to redeem your code.
General Resources
  • Swivl Support Center
    Visit the Swivl Support Center to download the Swivl User guide, find articles on getting started, and more.
Support Articles
  • Pairing Additional Markers
    The primary marker comes pre-paired with your Swivl Base. Follow these instructions to pair up to 4 additional markers.



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