Put MimioCapture To Work

We love to hear about new ways people put MimioCapture to work in their organizations. In our last email newsletter, we shared this video by West Valley Trauma Center. In the video, Fred Killingbeck of Wizard Education uses MimioCapture technology to give an impromptu lesson to better understand Congestive Heart Failure.

Why Put MimioCapture to Work?

Teachers who are extremely comfortable teaching with a chalkboard or whiteboard can sometimes find interactive whiteboard integration in the classroom disconcerting.  They have a good rhythm going and may be resistant to going full circle to something new.  The feel of a Mimio stylus or using a MimioPad just might be something that even after they’ve tried hard to embrace just doesn’t work well for them.

The MimioCapture allows educators to take advantage of technology and the ability to easily broadcast and share notes written on a whiteboard, but allows the presenter to use the good ole’ standby – dry erase markers – to present the information.

MimioCapture in a High School Calculus Classroom

Omaha Christian Academy Calculus teacher, Jeff Heida, found he was able to write better with the dry erase marker than the MimioTeach stylus.  Therefore, he simply preloaded a math problem into his Mimio file from his digital textbook and used the MimioCapture to work the problem on his dry erase board. Using the Mimio recorder, everything was recorded on his computer and he was able to easily create a movie of the in-class explanation for a student who was absent without creating a lot of extra work for himself. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jeff!

 If you’re ready to put MimioCapture to work for you, visit the MimioCapture product page or request a demo today!