Education Technology Grants & Funding

Education technology grants and funding are a hot topic for educators because funding is one of the top concerns when implementing classroom technology.  In many of our discussions with educators, money comes up most often as one of the biggest obstacles to implementing classroom technology grants

The good news is that education technology grants and funding are out there; it's just a matter of finding them! The bad news is that finding education technology grants and funding sources seems to be a game of "seek and find," and most classroom teachers just don't have the luxury of extra time to do this.

That's why we've put together a few resources for education technology grants and creative fundraising ideas to get you started ...

Art by Marla Rae

If you're from Nebraska, you should be proud to say that the artist Marla Rae is from your state! Her art has made its way into retailers across the country, and she offers a simple fundraising opportunity for organizations that could make you thousands!

Each seller will be provided with a full-color brochure and order form. Your supporters will also have the option to place their orders online!

For more information on the fundraising program, send an email to [email protected] or call (402) 469-7507.


Are you looking for a useful AND creative fundraiser for back-to-school enrollment or end of the year presales? LockerWorks is a creative fundraiser with a purpose that is an excellent idea to implement at the beginning of school and to have on hand at registration for the new school year!

A flexible organizer that hangs inside the locker, not on the door, LockerWorks is constructed of heavy duty 600-denier polyester with steel hangers and rigid shelf inserts. It creates three sturdy shelves, expanding usable locker space, yet leaves room for backpacks, coats, etc. The bottom shelf even folds up and snaps to fit half-lockers.

Just set up a table at registration for your school, hang up the LockerWorks organizer, and it will sell itself! For more information on this fundraiser, contact LockerWorks at 877-845-8009 or email [email protected]

Visit LockerWorks for a link to download a PDF with product info, group sales order form and marketing material samples.

Mixed Bag Designs

We can't say enough about the products from the creative fundraising group, Mixed Bag Designs. We met Sarah Smith at an educational conference and were so impressed with Mixed Bag Designs that we ordered several bags for Christmas gifts. Our family raved about them!

Since then, their collection has only continued to grow with fantastic products. Browse their current collection catalogs and see for yourself!

If you're tired of peddling cookie dough or coupon books and are ready to get started with your Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, start here! If entering a zipcode for your local rep does not bring up any results, email Sarah Smith to receive a fundraiser ID, user name and password, and instructions for the next step. She'll also be glad to answer any questions that you might have.

Do you know of a grant or a great fundraiser idea?