Clicker Activities

When teaching with clickers, choosing clicker activities is a lot like getting dressed in the morning. There are just so many possibilities; some ideas that work well in one classroom might be a "home run" for another!

Teaching with classroom clickers is just like that; there are so many combinations you can implement in your classroom that the technology itself stays motivating and effective.

Using clickers on a daily basis in your classroom will take some work on your part to slowly migrate them into your classroom routine. However, few technologies have as much potential to totally change your classroom dynamics.

clicker activities

Using clickers as a formative assessment tool will transform your classroom.

If clickers are only used on summative assessments, they may become thought of as an element of torture by students rather than the awesome classroom motivator and feedback tool that they are!

Using Clicker Activities on a Daily Basis

Although classroom clickers are incredible assessment tools that make grading a snap and saves the teacher a ton of time, many of the ideas below are for using clickers on a daily basis in your classroom to engage and motivate your students. 

It is so much fun to see a lethargic, unmotivated class perk up and sit higher in their seats, simply because the instructor has taken time to engage them! It's up to you to decide which (or just how many) of these creative ideas you'll adopt to make clickers a hit in your classroom.

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Clicker Housekeeping

Using Clickers for Assessment

  • Use clickers to deliver pre- and post-tests

  • Curb cheating by delivering multiple test versions

  • Move question-by-question through an activity or test

  • Use clickers with formative writing assessments

Lecture/Discussion Strategies

Using Clickers to  Grade Work

  • Spotcheck homework using clickers

  • Give a clicker participation grade

  • Give "partial credit" with clickers

Varying the Classroom Routine

  • Liven up test reviews with fun clicker games
  • Use clickers to generate a journal topic
  • Review reading homework
  • Use clickers to study conventions
  • Use clickers to expand vocabulary
  • Use clickers in a station setting
  • Motivate with clickers

Using Clickers With Other Software

  • Use clickers with an online quiz

  • Use clickers with any instructional content or software

Ready-Made Clicker Activities

  • BrainPop - BrainPop quizzes work great with clickers!
  • - A source for clicker-friendly questions dealing with several subjects (famous paintings, basic math, multiplication tables, chemistry symbols, english grammar and vocabulary, identifying countries and world capitals, French, German, Italian, or Spanish). For every question you answer correctly, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice through the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.
  • NCES KidZone - Dare to Compare - compare quiz scores with students nationally

More Clicker Activities

Start engaging EVERY student today.