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The abundance of clicker research and news means that you don't just have to take our word that this technology can be a game-changer in the classroom.

Below, you'll find our favorite clicker research, news articles, and blog posts about using clickers in education below. Many of these articles contain great ideas for implementing clickers in your own school or business.

These articles and research pieces may also prove helpful to you when writing grants to obtain classroom clickers in your school.

clicker research

There is a happy medium for clicker use to keep the focus of your audience.

Research shows the average attention span for ages 9-18 at 7-10 minutes. Therefore, we recommend checking for understanding roughly every 7-10 minutes during a lecture.

Clicker Research

  • Classroom Response System ("Clickers") Bibliography 
    by D. Bruff, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching Classroom
    This bibliography contains such an exhaustive list of resources that we won't even attempt to put them on this site. This is an amazing resource if you are considering clickers. However, if we find research not listed in this bibliography, we will make sure and list it below.
  • What Research Says About CPS™ to Support Effective Instruction
    by Interactive Educational Systems Design, Inc. for eInstruction, 2010
    This Independently conducted research study contains an executive summary as well as a detailed report that shows how the CPS response system promotes learning when teachers use it to engage students with research-based question strategies. It also suggests that CPS make classroom lessons more interactive resulting in higher student interest and engagement.
  • Teaching with Classroom Communication System - What it Involves and Why it Works
    by A. Louis Abrahamson, 1999
    (PDF) One of the earliest papers on SRSs: Examines the pedagogical roots of classroom communication systems - particularly the development use of clickers to facilitate peer instruction and conclusive research on the effectiveness of clickers.
  • Using Clickers to Facilitate Development of Problem-Solving Skills
    by Aime A. Levesque, 2011
    (PDF) An investigation into the effectiveness of clickers in promoting problem-solving skills which finds that practice solving problems using clickers during class resulted in students who were better equipped to solve problems on exams.

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