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Device Storage Carts

Store laptops & devices with piece of mind.

Device Storage Carts Protect Your Investment

Device storage carts and sync solutions are items that might get pushed aside in an attempt to save money on a large purchase of personal devices like laptops, Chromebooks, iPads or Android tablets for the classroom.

However, as daily use increases and storage, charging and management of these devices becomes a heavy workload.

You'll soon realize you've outgrown the cute storage ideas on Pinterest or the washtubs and office filing systems that double as storage for your expensive classroom devices.

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Secure Storage

Device storage carts provide a secure, protected out-of-the-way storage for your classroom devices. Carts come in a variety of styles - desk, floor or wall models - and provide easy access for students to obtain devices. Carts should offer some type of secure locking system.

Mass Mobility

Device storage carts make it easy to transfer shared devices from classroom to classroom.  Some sit right on your desk to keep your classroom tablets an arm's length away. Some are designed in such a way that elementary students can roll them down the hall with ease.

Convenient Charging

Device storage carts make it easy to keep devices charged and ready when you need them. Some carts sync your devices as a wired solution or through your wireless network. Others offer timed charging cycles to protect device battery life.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Device Storage Cart

As the need for device storage carts becomes apparent, where do you start?

Not all of these charging and storage devices are created equal. You definitely get what you pay for in the device storage cart market, and balancing the tightrope between budget and features can be tricky.

Read our device storage cart shopping tips to make the best choice for your situation and allow you to get the most out of your tight technology budget.

The Copernicus TechTubs were a perfect solution for our needs.  We needed something that could secure, charge, and keep our devices organized, while not taking up a ton of room and still look nice.  The TechTub fits that description perfectly and is a teacher favorite in our buildings!

-- Rick Meyer, K-6 Technology Facilitator, Sidney, NE

Protect your investments from Day One.