document cameras

Document Cameras

Give every student a front row seat.

A Versatile Classroom Tool

Document cameras, often referred to as "Elmos" or "doc cams," have kicked the overhead projector to the curb and replaced it with a tool that provides less mess with much more functionality.

This technology is popular for the simple fact that it gives every student a front row seat, taking any object and making it as visible to the back row of the classroom as the front row!

In addition, document cameras are a highly versatile technology that can be used for so many different things in the classroom.

document cameras

document camera for show and tell

Helpful Document Camera Shopping Tips

It's a smart move to compare document cameras before you purchase, as the best model for you may depend on the subject you teach or the age of your students.

Comparing doc cams will help you get the best bang for your buck and avoid purchasing a camera with costly features that you might realistically never use.

We've put together some lingo and tips to help you compare document cameras and choose the best one for you.

Turn your document camera into a lean, mean, grading machine with GradeCam.

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Try These Creative Document Camera Ideas

We don't refer to document cameras as a "versatile classroom technology" for no reason. Have you considered...

  • Using your document camera to record yourself explaining directions for student centers or for use in your flipped classroom?
  • Changing up show and tell and having students present their item under the document camera?

With GradeCam, you can even use your document camera to grade student assessments! Get started with these creative ideas today!

We really like the Solo 8 because of its flexibility.  Our teachers are easily able to project documents, record video, and take snapshots of virtually anything in the classroom.  The Solo 8 is the perfect document camera for any classroom.

-- Matt Flynn, Technology Integration Specialist, Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools, NE

Give every student a front row seat in your class today.