dry erase boards

Dry Erase Boards

Leave chalk in the dust, not your students.

Dry Erase Boards For New Construction

Dry erase boards are an important complement to a MimioTeach or any of our interactive projectors. There's no need to waste valuable classroom space and install an interactive whiteboard with a surface that can't be written on! Simply install a dry erase board with a MimioTeach bar or Mimio interactive projector.

Through Marsh Industries we offer several lines of boards, many of which are comprised of a magnetic porcelain enameled steel surface and built classroom-tough with a 50-year warranty.  The most popular of these lines is the Series 1400 Traditional pictured below...

In addition to standard dry erase boards, Marsh Industries also offers wood framed boards, vertical and horizontal sliding units, combination boards, lapboards, freestanding markerboards, and more!  Graphic board options include horizontal lines, penmanship lines, graph coordinates, music staff lines, polar coordinates, and 1" x 1" grid lines.

math dry erase board
series 1400 dry erase boards

Touch projectors require dry erase boards that are in good condition with no warping.

Don't assume your boards are flat enough to work with a new touch projector. Give us a call and we'll help you assess the condition of your dry erase boards or come on-site with our testing device.

Retro-Fit Surface Conversion Boards

In some schools, especially older buildings, asbestos may be a reason that you don't want to dismantle old chalkboards to install new dry erase boards. Retro-Fit boards are your answer to that problem and eliminate costly and messy dismantling of the old chalkboard.

Retro-Fit Installation

Simply prepare the surface of the existing board by thoroughly cleaning it of dirt, dust, or grease. Apply construction adhesive to the back of the board. Carefully position the new board over the existing board and press firmly in the locations of the adhesive. Install the self-tapping screws supplied with the board through the pre-drilled holes in the trim and clean the board before using.

While this is most likely a two-person job, it is easily doable without outside installation costs.

retro fit conversion boards

We're ready to speak with you about dry erase boards.