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Less grading.
Instant feedback. 

Everybody wins.  

GradeCam to the Rescue

GradeCam software is a powerful formative assessment tool that provides instant item analysis in the classroom, turning any camera connected to the computer - webcam, document camera,  iPhone or iPad - into an assessment powerhouse.

Watch this GradeCam overview to see how your GradeCam can tame the grading beast and let you get your life back! No longer be bogged down by paperwork and grading when you find out how to make the GradeCam software work for you, and you can get back to what you really love...teaching!

gradecam custom form

Create and print custom answer forms on plain paper.

GradeCam gives you the ability to print custom forms, believing that the expense of forms should limit your ability to assess. You can even print forms with Student IDs already filled in! Laminate custom forms and totally eliminate the paper expense associated with buying forms.

gradecam grade

Grade multiple choice assignments with any web or document camera.

Using any webcam or document camera, GradeCam instantly grades assignment. Teachers, students aides, or students themselves can easily grade assessments. No big machines stored in the library required!

gradecam immediate feedback

Give students immediate personal feedback.

Students can swipe the tests under the camera themselves or the instructor can quickly score the papers. Either way, the advantages of immediate feedback on assessments are no secret, and GradeCam makes it easy.

gradecam transfer scores

Transfer scores into any electronic grade book.

After scoring an assignment, GradeCam transfers scores into any electronic grade book with an easy keyboard shortcut. No time-consuming data entry!

gradecam standards

Link questions with state standards and generate standards-based reports.

GradeCam makes it easy to monitor student progress and help them meet state standards. Watch how this teacher is using GradeCam standards-based reports to give student feedback in the classroom.

gradecam share assessments

Share assessments with other educators in real-time.

Educators can get results and generate aggregate reports in real-time from anywhere.  Aggregate instant results from all 5th-grade teachers across the district!

Plans & Pricing

GradeCam offers plans and pricing to fit your needs. Try a FREE 60-day trial or get set up with a pilot for your school or district. Reduce that form budget and get started with an affordable solution.

GradeCam Idea Book

In this downloadable PDF, you'll find custom GradeCam forms and creative ideas for using GradeCam with pre-K teachers, administrators, corporate training, and more!

Training, Ideas & Support

These GradeCam training resources will be helpful to you in discovering all the possibilities that GradeCam offers your classroom so you can go beyond simple scanning of multiple choice questions.

Get Started With GradeCam Software For Free

GradeCam is so confident in this assessment tool that they offer a free trial to allow you to test GradeCam in your very own classroom. It's never too late to start taming the grading beast!

Grade students assessments yourself in just seconds or let students check their own assessments. Either way, a GradeCam free trial will allow you to start using the immediate feedback that GradeCam provides to direct your teaching strategy.

This product provides huge amounts of data to guide instruction, gives students immediate feedback and the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, saves teachers huge amounts of time with scoring, data entry, and the gathering and analyzing of data, allowing teachers to focus on the creation and delivery of better instruction.

-- Melissa Bohmer, Information & Technology Management Training Coordinator, Cincinnati Public Schools, OH

Enlist GradeCam to help you tame the grading beast.