GradeCam Training

GradeCam is easy to get up and running, but without GradeCam training resources, you may miss out on some of the awesome stuff you can do with GradeCam in your classroom!

Did you know:

  • You can import your GradeCam scores into your gradebook with the touch of a button?
  • GradeCam scan sheets can be laminated or put into plastic sleeves to make them reusable?
  • Scan sheets can be modified in all sorts of different ways to accommodate the age level of your students and the subject you teach? (Check out the scan sheet on the right for younger kids!)

We're positive you'll find the training resources below helpful in discovering all the possibilities that GradeCam offers your classroom.

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GradeCam Training Tutorials

  • GradeCam Go!
    Covers topics such as: Settings, Managing Class Lists, Creating Exam Forms, Creating and Managing Assignments, and Reporting
  • GradeCam Insight
    Covers topics such as: GradeCam Settings, Managing Your GradeCam Account, Managing Class Lists, Creating Additional Exam Forms, Creating and Managing Assignments, Customizing Assignment Questions, Scanning and Grading Assignments, and Using GradeCam with Your Gradebook

GradeCam Training Videos

GradeCam has compiled their video resources on Vimeo. These webinars cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Getting Started with GradeCam Go!
  • Manage Teacher Groups in GradeCam Go!
  • GradeCam Go! Combined Import Tutorial
  • Create an Assignment with True/False Questions
  • Create an Assignment with Rubric Scored Questions
  • Create an Assignment with Numeric Grid Questions
  • Create an Assignment with Multiple Choice Questions
  • Transfer Grades from GradeCam Go! to a Gradebook Program

Live GradeCam Training Webinars

Check out the schedule for free informative webinars hosted by GradeCam on a weekly basis!  Please sign up to attend in advance.

If you’d like to schedule a private webinar for a group of teachers at your school or district, please email [email protected]

**All webinars are scheduled in the Pacific Standard Timezone (PST) and will be recorded.

Not able to attend live? Register and receive a link to view the recorded session at your convenience.

GradeCam Idea Book

The GradeCam Idea Book provides custom forms that will jump start you to think outside of the box as you consider how you'll implement GradeCam.

In this downloadable PDF, you'll find creative ideas for using GradeCam with pre-K teachers, administrators, corporate training, and more!

GradeCam Support

The GradeCam Support Desk is a knowledge base of all GradeCam tech support articles. Ask questions, view trending questions and submit feature requests.

More GradeCam Tips & Tricks

Enlist GradeCam to help you tame the grading beast.