GradeCam Training & Ideas

GradeCam training and ideas will allow you to not only get up and running quickly with you new GradeCam subscription, but you'll also see just how many way you can use this awesome classroom tool!

Did you know:

  • You can import your GradeCam scores into your gradebook with the touch of a button?
  • GradeCam scan sheets can be laminated or put into plastic sleeves to make them reusable?
  • Scan sheets can be modified in all sorts of different ways to accommodate the age level of your students and the subject you teach? (Check out the scan sheet on the right for younger kids!)

We're positive you'll find the training resources below helpful in discovering all the possibilities that GradeCam offers your classroom.

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GradeCam Training Tutorials & Support Desk

The GradeCam Support Desk links you to step-by-step training tutorials with screenshots, as well as other resources. Ask questions, view trending questions and submit feature requests.

GradeCam Training Videos

GradeCam has compiled their video training resources on Vimeo. These short training videos break down a variety of topics into easy-to-follow bite-sized pieces to make GradeCam easy.

GradeCam Live Training Webinars

Live GradeCam webinars are hosted on a weekly basis on a variety of topics. If you're not able to attend, register anyway and you'll receive a link to view the recorded webinar at your convenience.

GradeCam Idea Book

The GradeCam Idea Book provides custom forms that will jump start you to think outside of the box as you consider how you'll implement GradeCam.

In this downloadable PDF, you'll find creative ideas for using GradeCam with pre-K teachers, administrators, corporate training, and more!

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GradeCam Ideas by Subject

Click each individual image to download the corresponding PDF that contains GradeCam examples specific to that particular subject area. These PDFs even contain examples of the newest question types - Handwritten Numeric and Rubric Capture!

More GradeCam Ideas

Enlist GradeCam to help you tame the grading beast.