Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Interactive whiteboard activities will make teaching and learning more fun and engaging when implemented correctly and in a truly interactive manner.  There is nothing more fun than seeing kids get thoroughly excited about learning and working together, things that we often see as the result of well-implemented interactive whiteboard activities.

As with any technology, an interactive whiteboard is not a magic bullet. The teacher who implements interactive display technology effectively is the one that will see gains in student engagement and learning. However, if not implemented correctly, interactive displays can easily become no more than expensive dry erase boards.

interactive whiteboard activities

Whether you've recently become the proud user of a new interactive projector or if your interactive whiteboard is gathering dust on the wall, we hope that you will find the ideas below useful for broadening your technology repertoire and becoming a master at engaging students with your interactive display.

Be creative when determining how interactive display lessons can apply to your lesson. 

Focus learners, present new information in an engaging way, take a brain break or test knowledge. Need some help? Don't miss these 15 resources to create effective and engaging interactive whiteboard lessons from Mimio.

Interactive Whiteboard Activities for the Classroom

Interactive Display Housekeeping

  • Let students take their own lunch count.
  • Easily divide into groups
  • Provide makeup materials with recorded lessons and/or notes
  • Use your interactive display for bell work
  • Make a visible timer for classwork or group time

Varying the Classroom Routine

  • Do boardwork in reverse
  • Use the interactive display in a station setting
  • Motivate with the interactive whiteboard
  • Liven up test reviews with interactive display games

Your Interactive Display With Other Technologies

  • Use your interactive display with your classroom clickers
  • Use your interactive display with your document camera
  • Use your interactive display with your smartpen

Creating Interactive Display Lessons

  • Use the MimioStudio interactive classroom software and Gallery to create your own interactive whiteboard activities.
  • Use the MimioStudio Activitiy Wizard to create simple lessons in minutes.

MimioConnect: A Goldmine of Interactive Whiteboard Activities

If you are implementing MimioStudio interactive classroom software, the MimioConnect online community will be an invaluable resource to you.

Download a variety of lessons and Gallery files by other teachers, many with a lot of experience creating interactive whiteboard activities. You'll learn a lot simply by browsing the lessons and seeing what sort of activities other teachers have created.

This online community is full of avid Mimio educators and is a great resource for more than just lessons. In addition, you'll find questions answered by Mimio Masters and lots of downloadable content packs to add to your Mimio Gallery for free!

When you get up to speed on creating lessons, pay it forward and share your own with the rest of the world on MimioConnect.

Some Starting Points for Interactive Whiteboard Activities

More Interactive Whiteboard Activities

Bring learning to life with interactivity.