Smartpen Activities

The number of smartpen activities for education keeps growing as more and more educators (as well as students and parents) learn what an invaluable tool the smartpen is in the classroom.

We've seen many examples of how this has become a life-changing technology for students, teachers, and adults on the job.

It is simply amazing that although what the superintendent and a kindergarten student might use a smartpen very differently, it can be a useful and transforming technology for both of them.

smartpen activities

Livescribe Echo smartpens can be used for so much more than simply taking notes.

One of it's greatest benefits is allowing the teacher to "clone" themselves. By recording instructions on the smartpen, the teacher's voice and instructions can be in several places at one time. 

Starting Points for Smartpen Activities

Training Videos & Instructions

  • VIDEO: Creating a Pencast PDF Overlay
    This video demonstrates how to print any document (test, worksheet, review, etc) onto Livescribe dot paper from a large notebook, use a smartpen to add writing and voice, and then turn this into a PDF that includes the pencast created with the smartpen with the overlain image of the document.

More Smartpen Activities

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