Smartpen Foreign Language Ideas

Developing smartpen foreign language ideas is a task that has been embraced by foreign language learners and their teachers all over the world. Foreign language learners have enthusiastically used Livescribe smartpens to speed and improve foreign language acquisition and mastery.

Never is audio more important than in foreign language instruction, so the ability to easily record and playback audio with the Livescribe smartpen brings much to the table in foreign language instruction.

Browse the ideas below for some great smartpen foreign language ideas for your classroom, and we encourage you to share your favorite smartpen foreign language ideas with us at the bottom of the page.



Build a Reference Library

Record your class lessons with a smartpen as you teach each lesson, capturing the audio of class participation. Share this in an online reference library with students so they can study and review anytime. Watch the video below to see Spanish teacher Gaby White explain her concepts while students and administrators explain the benefits of this approach. Gaby even has college students come back and request access to her pencasts, which have proven to be an invaluable resource well beyond high school!

Talking Books and Magazines

Upper level students or teachers can bring books, magazines in your classroom library to life by adding their voice to them. Simply add a Sound Sticker to each page and then use it, a smartpen, and voice. Then your lower level students can tap the Sound Sticker, listen, and practice reading and speaking along with the reader.

Making Flashcards and Objects Talk

Students or teachers can create talking picture flashcards or make objects talk by adding Sound Stickers to index cards or objects and then adding their voice to them in the language(s) they choose. Need to re-do the audio or have another class re-do an entire set of flashcards with their voices? No problem - Sound Stickers can be recorded onto as many times as needed!



Articulation Practice

A teacher can use Sound Stickers or dot paper to create the perfect model of how to speak a word, phrase or sentence. Then the student can tap to listen to it and then record their own practice speaking it using the same smartpen and dot paper. Practice can be verified by an upper level student or teacher.

In the video below, you'll see how Mavis Computel has created interactive English-learnig Igbo audio posters to help teachers teach language classes in Nigeria.

Interactive Poster and Projects

Students at all levels can add their voices (and other sounds!) to posters and projects to turn them into interactive learning resources for other students or to show off their language skills to parents and others.

Students can use Sound Stickers to record their voice or sounds from the internet for a few seconds or minutes to add dialog, explanations, or some humor to make their posters and projects come alive with their enthusiasm, words, and knowledge.

We want your ideas for more smartpen foreign language activities!

Share your idea and we'll pass it along for others to benefit from.